The First Peace Corps Volunteer to Nepal hosted by Nepal Sanctuary Treks

“People are guests in our story, the same way we are guests in theirs. But we all meet each other for a reason because every person is a personal lesson waiting to be told.”― Lauren Klarfeld

It’s a great privilege and an honor to have the experiences and opportunities to host and interact with Dr. Peter Hodge Prindle- the well-known anthropologist and author.
Dr. Prindle served in the first US Peace Corps group to work in Nepal from 1962 to 1964. He contributed to Nepal in the health and education sector. After completing the Peace Corps, he joined a graduate school and received his M.A in 1968 and PhD. in 1974.

Based on his research, he wrote the book called “Born in Bigutar, Nepal: Socio-economic Relation of a Brahmin- Bhujel Village”, 1971-2001. The book provides detailed documentation and analysis of the economic and social processes of a Nepali village and examines how this data relates theoretically to studies of rural and peasant communities in other regions of Nepal.
Additionally, he published another book named Tinglatar: socio-economic relationships of a Brahmin village in east Nepal. The book states about the research on two sites, Okaldunga Bazaar and Tinglatar, both located in the Okhaldunga District. The investigation related to the social system of the agricultural village of Tinglatar. It also comprises a section concerning the significant changes which occurred in Tinglatar between 1972 and 1977. Besides, he published several articles such as Marriage by Exchange in East Nepal, Fictive Kinship (MIT) in East Nepal. His contribution to the area of anthropology is highly commendable.
Thank you so much for being our guest and sharing your insightful thought and experiences. We are looking forward to meeting you again soon in Nepal.

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