Nepal Sanctuary Treks (NST) believes ourselves  ethically and environmentally accountable. We are striving to become responsible and committed to giving back to our local community. In order to promote responsible tourism, we actively involved in charities that help in a number of projects. We have been taking initiatives socially, economically and environmentally to support community and locals.

Initiatives and Actions

  1. Earthquake Relief Campaign:

We organized various relief campaigns for earthquake stricken citizen and community. NST team has been extensively indulged in the support for earthquake victims since 26th April 2015, by providing aid, tents, food, trap, and mattress. We have helped our staffs with financial support to rebuild their damaged houses. We have also supported temporary shelters at Schools near Kathmandu. In addition, Nepal Sanctuary Treks supplied baby sanitary pad and food to post-natal mothers and babies at Tundikhel during earthquake. 

  1. Collaboration with local NGO

Throughout the years, Nepal Sanctuary Treks have created strong partnerships with several local NGOs organizations which have resulted in our involvement in many social activities and projects which are as follows:

  • Nepal Sanctuary Treks has been arranging sponsor to support destitute children with education, shelter and food. We believe that the destitute children should not deprive from attaining education.
  •  Nepal Sanctuary Treks supports as well as work closely with Nobel Compassionate Volunteers (NCV). With the joint effort with NCV we provide help to disaster stricken people, carry out livelihood and skill development programs to uplift people who are living under poverty line. We also partake in programs conducted by NCV in supporting and promoting health, environment education and integration of sustainable development practices. 
  • Nepal Sanctuary Treks has been supporting blind children named Menuka Bishowkarma and Bishow Bishowkarma by providing laptops and supporting in their education.