Nepal Sanctuary Treks is a reputed and sustainable trekking company committed to delivering quality and sustainable services.

We implement best practices to cut the negative impact on the environment and social and cultural aspects.  Furthermore, we emphasize quality service, client safety, fair business practices, and leaving a positive footprint on the destination we organize the trek. We are dedicated to carrying out and following sustainable practices by complying with the following mission:

Mission Statement:

  • At Nepal Sanctuary Treks, our mission is to provide quality and safe experiences while supporting a sustainable society and business.
  • We strive to reduce negative impacts on the environment and society, and we actively encourage our chain suppliers and guests to adopt sustainable practices.
  • Through awareness-building and responsible operations, we aim to be a socially, economically, environmentally, and culturally responsible trekking company.
  • We are committed and implemented to our sustainability policy, compliance with regulations, and minimizing our operational impact. Transparency is paramount in our sustainability efforts.
  • Support business partners (accommodation providers, excursion providers) towards more sustainability by circulating the best sustainability practices and encouraging the adoption of sustainability practices.
  • Create sustainability awareness among our guests, office, and trekking staff
  • To fulfill and comply with national legislation, regulation, and codes of practice.
  •  Reduce the impact of our internal operation and trekking operation activities.
  • Ensure transparency in regard to sustainability policy
  • Work closely with our suppliers to deliver higher sustainability standards and motivate them toward more sustainable.

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