Choice of conference facilities are available widely in Kathmandu and around at hill stations from five star hotels, hill and village resorts. Birendra Convention Centre of Kathmandu is the state-of-the-art venue for conferences and conventions with sophisticated audio, video, lightning, communications, catering, ventilation and parking facilities. It has seven meeting areas of which the largest auditorium has a capacity of 1040 persons. There are other several small venue also available.

Games – Golf and Football

There are few international slandered stadiums, swimming pools, football grounds; basketball courts tennis courts and golf courses in and around Kathmandu. One of the Golf courses was designed by the world famous Gleneagles Golf Developments of Scotland and challenges all levels of golfers. This par 72, 18-hole course located above 1000 meters sea level gives you once-in-a-lifetime experience. For details, write us.


Nepal is a great spot of the world for scholars and University students to research in the field of Geology, Botany, Zoology, Anthropology, Religions- Hindusm and Buddhism, Sociology and other various fields as she has the world’s highest peaks on the north, descending sharply downwards to the plain of 70m above sea level through rugged mountain and different landscaping, different climate, different flora and fauna, different authentic groups in a very short span of 200-kilometers. We have guides who are students of University in different subjects.


Filming any commercial, documentary or feature films in Nepal, we help finding right sites, coordinate with Ministry of Communication, other local governments, arrange license; organize other arrangements and liaisons with government and concern party.


The craftsmen of the Kathmandu Valley has been respected in the region from ancient time. Best quality of Garments, Pashmina, Gems, Jewelry, Khukuri, Metal-ware, Handmade paper products, Traditional paintings (Thanka), Pottery, Spices, Statues, Tea, Wood carving, Woolen and silk carpets and herbal medicines are famous products available in Kathmandu, Pokhara and other touristic place of Nepal.

Internal Flight Reservation

We are associated with several major internal airlines. We also do any internal and International flight bookings.


Nepal is a land of diverse topography, climate, ethnicity and biodiversity. Within an average breadth of about 150 km, the altitude varies from 60 meter above sea level to the world’s highest peak Mount Sagarmatha scaling 8848 km it has three large river basins namely Koshi in the east, Narayani in the central and Karnali in the west.

The rivers of Nepal supports more than 100 species of fish including the human size catfish known as Gonch, famous sporting fish the Mahasheer and delicious species the Jalkapoor.

Some important game fishes of Koshi and other rivers of Nepal

S. NoCommon/ Local NameScientific NameSizeWeightHabitatBaitSeason
1.Mahasheer/ SaharTor putitora2.5 m50 kgLarge and deep riversFishMar. -May./Sept. – Dec
2.Deep Bodied MahasheerTor tor3 m50 kgLarge and deep riversFishMar. – May/Sept – Dec
3.Copper Mahasheer /KatleAcrossocheilus hexagonolepis.6 m5 kgLarge and deep riverFish and meatMar- June / Sep. – Nov.
4.Fresh Water Shark/GounchBagarius bagarius3 m +100 kg +Large and Deep riversFishMar. – May/Sept – Dec.
5.JalkapoorClupisoma gaura.5 m1 kgLarge and deep riversWorms and meatMar. May/Sept. Dec
6.Fresh Water Eel/Raj BamAnguilla bengalensis3 m18 kgRiver and poolsFrogs and wormsMar – May/ Sept. – Dec.
7.River Catfish/ BachawaSilondia silondia.5 m2.5 kgRiver confluenceWorms and meatMar – May/ Sept. – Dec
8.Giant Murrel/ SaurChanna maurilus2.515River, stream and lakesWorms, fish and insectsFeb. – May/Sept to Dec
9.Mud Eel/Hile BamAmphipnous (Monopterus) cuchia.8 m1.5 kgRiver, stream, lakes and swampsMeatFeb. – Apr.
10.Feather Back/ PataliNotopterus notopterus.4 cm2 kgRiver, streams and lakesWorm, insects and meatFeb. – May / Sept – Dec
11.Knife Fish/ ChitalaNotopterus chitala1 m8 kgRiver, streams and lakesWorms, insect and meatFeb. – May / Sept – Dec
12.Catfish/BuariWallago attu1.8 m12 kgRiver, streams and lakesFish, insects and meatFeb. – June/Sept. – Nov.
13.Tenger Catfish/ TengriMystus seenghala.4 m14 kgRiver streamsFish, insects and meatJan – June/Sept. – Nov
Bait species

S. No.Important fish species as baitsPredatory species
 Common NameScientific NameCommon Name
1.Flying BarbEsomus danricusMahasheer and Catfish
2.Sucker HeadGarra gotylaMahasheer
3.Singhe CatfishHeteropneustes fossilisCatfish, Fresh Water Shark ‘Buster’
4.River BarbPuntius chillinoidesCopper Mahasheer
5.Gravel CatfishGlyptothorax telchittaMahasheer
6.Torrent MinnowBarilius spsMahasheer


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