Nepal Sanctuary Trek is responsible, an eco-friendly trekking company in Nepal.. We encourage trekkers, trekking to Nepal to bring their old/used warm clothes such as waterproof jacket, pants, and sweaters. gloves, hats, sunglasses, socks and shoes to donate porters that they use them while trekking in remote and high altitude region or donate it to “The Porters Clothing Bank” which provide porters with warm clothing, run by “International Porters protection Group (IPPG)” based in Kathmandu. We highly appreciate and motivate our valued clients to donate trekking clothes and accessories to support porter.

Most of the porters from middle hills are poor, illiterate and unskilled as well as not well equipped for high altitude environment which result high level of risks of illness and accident. Nepal Sanctuary Treks follows IPPG’s guidelines on porter safety:

  • Supporting porter with insurance for medical attention.
  • Equip with enough food, warm clothing appropriate to season and altitude.
  • We also encourage our trek guides to teach them common courtesy, symptoms and preventive measures on altitude sickness, hypothermic and frostbite. In addition, our trek guide raises hygienic awareness; educate on various health issues that might encounter during treks, environmental awareness and significance of environment conservation.
  • Our leading guide ensures porters are treated fairly.
  • We allow porter to carry load according to their physical abilities and weight restriction of carrying no more than 30 kg.