Easy Trek: Grade I

No any prior experience in mountaineering and rock climbing is requiring as it starts with an elevation below 3500m. These trips can be enjoyed by anyone and it is suitable trekking for the couples with young child along with the aged people. The walking parts of these trips are comparatively easy and should not exceed 5 to 6 hours a day.

Moderate Trek: Grade II

This trips are a combination of some longer and shorter walks. During these trips, hill-walking experience is desirable. This sort of trek is comparatively bit longer and harder than easy trek. The walking hours are usually no more than 7 hours a day.. Although the trekkers need to have basic physical fitness but it does not require any experience and it is fit for all walkers as the trek is carried out at low altitude with an elevation of 4500m. Because of this fact even it is suitable for the aged people.

Strenuous Grade III:

Trekkers who have previous experience on mountaineering skills and climbing should undertake this strenuous Trekking. This type of trek require to trek elevation between 4500m to 5500m that’s why it is the hardest type of trekking as you require 12 to 14 days and daily walking is approximately 7 hours through wild country with high passes., You need to be physically strong and fit which is very important aspect for the trip. The trek takes place towards higher elevation and remote area.

Challenging/Very Strenuous Grade IV:

It is the most strenuous, challenging, toughest type of trekking which provides genuine adventure of mountain climbing. This type of trek encompasses rarely visited area that involves more than 8 to 9 hours walking per day. Therefore, the well trained trekkers with strong physical appropriateness are highly required