A Sustainable Trekking Agency in Nepal

Nepal Sanctuary Treks is a sustainable trekking agency in Nepal. We have been delivering privately guided authentic trekking experiences in Nepal for more than 24 years. We are one of the few trekking agencies in Nepal to be awarded the Travelife “Excellence in Sustainability” certification.  This means we comply with more than 200 criteria, related to an operator’s office management, product range, international business partners, and customer information. We became Travelife Certified in 2019 after an external audit in December 2018. In 2021, we had a second external audit of our company by an independent auditor.  

We create personalized and unique experiences for school and small groups, individuals, families, and FITs. Likewise, we also specialize in female-friendly tours and trekking for solo female travelers.

Our main products are trekking and tours combined with a culture in less traveled regions. Mainly, we focus on providing personalized service to our guests, tailoring their trekking itineraries to meet individual needs and preferences. We offer flexibility in trip planning, accommodation options, and trekking routes, ensuring travelers have a customized and comfortable experience.

We support local communities through various initiatives such as employing female guides, female education, using female-managed tea houses, and environmental conservation projects. On the other hand, guests can contribute to local livelihoods and conservation efforts, making a positive social impact. Furthermore, we prioritize safety, comfort, and authentic experiences, ensuring that your journey with us is an adventure and life-changing experience. 

Our dedicated team is from various ethnic groups, working with us for several years.  They work tirelessly to ensure that guests are fully supported and cared for – both individually and as a group – from sorting out the accommodation, arranging meals, and adapting the itinerary in response to their needs and circumstances. In addition, our team delivers an astoundingly memorable experience for a party of mixed ages and with different levels of trekking experience.

With our experienced guides, you can explore the pristine beauty of Nepal’s Himalayas while supporting local communities and minimizing your impact on the environment. Join us for a responsible trekking experience that leaves a positive footprint.  And let us show you the wonders of Nepal with sustainability at the heart of our journey.


Spark a passion for Nature, Traditions, and Cultures.


Use Travel Experiences to Preserve the Nature, Traditions, and Culture of the Himalayas.


Be the most sustainable & personalized trekking experience provider in Nepal.

Nepal Sanctuary Treks is a registered trekking company (Registration number 9445/055/56) to the respective bodies of the Nepal Government including Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Supply, Office of the Company Registrar, and Nepal Tourism Board. The company holds full authority provided by Nepal Rastra Bank (The Central Bank of Nepal) for the collection of foreign currency from the designated tourists coming through the company.



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