Trek Overview

The Upper Dolpa trek is a challenging trek; you are likely to trek for 6-7 hours a day and cross steep hills and high passes. Dolpa region is situated between the Tibetan plateau and Dhaulagiri ranges. The trek passes through Buddhist region where you will come across colorful prayer flags, mani walls and monasteries. Our trekking route in this region is different from other routes as our route passes through remote and isolated area where you will trek through more challenging and wilder trail. We start to trek from Juphal and cross few high Himalayan passes along with trek to amazing Phoksundo Lake; finally we will end our trek at the famous town of Mustang, Jomsom.

Note: below trekking hours, altitudes and distances are approximate, and absolutely for general idea only.


  1. Day 1: Arrive at Kathmandu airport (1,302m/4,270ft)

    You will be received and escorted to the hotel by our staff, refresh yourself and take some rest or explore the area around your hotel. Accommodate in a hotel.

  2. Day 2: Kathmandu valley sightseeing and Trek preparation

    Kathmandu is the cultural heart of Nepal and has been a famous destination for tourists ever since Nepal opened its borders to visitors. Today after breakfast we will explore Kathmandu valley, a guided tour will be conducted to major world heritage sites inside the valley. As Kathmandu valley is a beautiful combination of Hinduism and Buddhism we will visit historical sites like; Durbar Squares, Pashupatinath, Swayambhunath (monkey temple) and Buddhist shrine of Bouddhanath which is one of the largest stupa in the world. After the tour you will prepare yourself for the trek, will be briefed about the trek; buy all the trekking equipments required and overnight at hotel.

  3. Day 3: Kathmandu to Nepalgunj 45mins flight

    We will be transferred to the airport and will take our flight to Nepalgunj; if it’s a clear day then you will be able to see amazing views of Himalayan range. After landing in Nepalgunj you will be escorted to your hotel. You will have the afternoon to yourself to explore Nepalgunj or to relax at the hotel. We will stay the night here in the hotel.

  4. Day 4: Nepalgunj to Juphal 45mins flight, trek to Dunai (2,100m/6,889ft) 2-3hrs trek

    After an early breakfast we will be transferred to the airport from where we will take flight to Juphal, through the flight we will see amazing views of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri range. Once we land at Juphal we will meet our accompanying trekking crew, we have an early lunch there and start to trek. As we begin the trail descends through terraced fields to Bheri River, trekking further its narrow gorge to Dunai. The village is the administrative headquarter of the Dolpa region, we will explore the village and find a suitable camping site where we will camp the night.

  5. Day 5: Dunai to Ankhe (2,660m/8,727ft) 6-7hrs trek

    We have an early breakfast and then rejoin our trail. As we begin to trek the trail passes a suspension bridge to the other side of the river, the trail ascends up the treeless before entering the Phoksundo river valley. We trek through Dhera and Rahagaun as further we pass down a dense forest to reach Ankhe, we camp the night here in a suitable area.

  6. Day 6: Ankhe to Renje (3,110m/10,203ft) 7hrs trek

    We start to trek after having our breakfast; the trail today switches pass to both sides of the valley. We trek along the river and up through gorge as the valley widens before we reach a bridge that leads us to Renje village. Once we reach the village we will find our camping area and camp the night there.

  7. Day 7: Renje to Phoksundo Lake (3,600m/11,811ft) 6-7hrs trek

    After having our breakfast we begin to trek, as we begin to trek the valley narrows beyond Renje and we reach Sumdo from where the trail ascends uphill to a ridge. From this point we will witness tremendous Phoksundo Lake, and then we descend through forest and then further ascending uphill to Ringmo village. We camp our tents in a suitable camping site near the lake and rest the night there.

  8. Day 8: Rest and acclimatization day

    Today is an important for acclimatization as we will be trekking to higher altitude; altitude sickness can be a problem so to avoid altitude sickness we stay back and let our body adopt the altitude. As we stay back a day hike to Tibetan Buddhist monastery or trek near the Lake can be organized for acclimatization. We will return back to our camp and stay the night here.

  9. Day 9: Phoksundo Lake to Phoksundo Khola (3,510m/11,515ft) 5-6hrs trek

    After breakfast we rejoin our trail, as we begin we trek around the top western end of the Phoksundo Lake. Along the trail we will be offered with magnificent views of the lake and amazing Himalaya, we will have to take Inner Dolpa permit before we enter to the north of Phoksundo Lake. Trekking further we walked around the lake and then the trail descends into a wide valley, once we reach there we will find a suitable camping site near the Phoksundo Khola and camp the night here.

  10. Day 10: Phoksundo Khola to Phoksundo Bhanjyang or “Snowfields Camp” (3,510m/11,515ft) 7-8hrs trek

    Today is a long trek day, after breakfast we leave our camp and head towards a narrow valley and trek across many rivers. We trek uphill to a meadow and from here we suddenly change our trail and it follows to a deep gorge with steep edges (ravine), a challenging climb will take us to the top which brings us to another valley from where we will be able to see the Kang – La Pass. Through the trail we will see views of Chamlang peak 6.  Once we reach our destination we find a suitable camping site and camp our tents there near the pass in ‘snowfields camp’.

  11. Day 11: Phoksundo Bhanjyang to Shey Gompa (4,125m/13,533ft) [via Kang La pass (5,150m/16,896ft)] 6-7hrs trek

    We have an early breakfast and begin to trek; the trail is steep and challenging all the way up to Kang La pass, from the top of the pass we will be offered with view of the large valley divided by river. Now we descend steeply to the base of the valley then trek along the bank of the river until we arrive at Shey Gompa, Shey means crystal so the famous Buddhist monastery is located beneath Crystal Peak. We camp the night here in a suitable camping site.

  12. Day 12: Rest and Acclimatization day

    Today is also a rest day; we stay back in Shey Gompa. After a late good breakfast we can either rest in the tent or explore the area, an optional day hike will be organized to Tsakang gompa. We will return back to the camp and stay overnight here.

  13. Day 13: Shey Gompa to Namduna Gaon (4,400m/14,435ft) [via Saldang La (4,785m/15,698ft) 7hrs trek]

    After an early breakfast we rejoin our trail, leaving Shey gompa we trek a peasant trail through juniper trees descending into a grey, stony canyon. From here the trail becomes zigzag and we further trek to the top of Saldang La Pass, from the pass there are views from north into Tibet and east towards Mustang. From the top we then descend northwards to a small village of Namduna Gaon where we will camp the night.

  14. Day 14: Namduna Gaon to Saldang (3,900m/12,795ft) 3hrs trek

    We have an early breakfast and then start to trek; today’s a short trek day. As the trek begins the trail ascends up a slope and as we climb higher we will see Saldang village, we will trek to Saldang village where we will camp the night. Saldang is the largest village of the inner Dolpa, it is a prosperous village for agriculture and its location that is used as a trade route to Tibet. We will camp the night here in the village.

  15. Day 15: Rest Day

    After these few challenging trek days we need to take a rest day so that our body gets rest and we can trek further. We can rest the day or explore the camp.

  16. Day 16: Saldang to Sibu (3,940m/12,926ft) 6hrs trek

    We have an early breakfast and start to trek; the trail leads south along the Namgung Khola crossing through terraced fields and mani walls. We pass Namdo village, the village is also a prosperous village with around 400 people living. Trekking further down the river we reach our camp near the village of Sibu where we will camp the night.

  17. Day 17: Sibu to foot of Jeng La (4,370m/14,337ft) 4-5hrs trek

    After having breakfast we start to trek towards our next destination, we trek along the Nam Khong Khola. We arrive at a point where two small streams meet, from then we trek through a steep trail that ascends to an area on the foot of Jeng La pass where we will camp the night.

  18. Day 18: foot of Jeng La to Tokyu Gaon (4,240m/13,910ft) [via Jeng La (4,845m/15,895ft)] 6-7hrs trek

    We have an early breakfast in the camp before we rejoin our trail; few hours trek from camp will take us to top of the Jeng La Pass, This point of the trek offers you amazing views of the north face of the Dhaulagiri massif. After enjoying the view we then descend through a rough trail to a fascinating valley with vast plains that extends along Tarap Chu River, Tarap Valley. We trek up to the village of Tokyu where we will camp and stay overnight.

  19. Day 19: Tokyu Gaon to foot of Charka La ( ) 6-7hrs trek

    From today we enters the adventurous trek towards Jomsom where as many groups trekking this route head back to south to the airstrip at Juphal, our trail passes through a isolated wilderness that only few of the trekkers get to experience. We trek downhill with grass on both sides of the river; this is a different part of inner Dolpa. Trekking for few hours will take us to Dho Tarap; from here we trek further to Charka La. The valley narrows before arriving at our camping site where we will rest the night.

  20. Day 20: Keheng Khola to Norbulung (4,575m/15,009ft) 6-7hrs trek

    After having breakfast we begin to trek. We start trekking along the Tarpi Khola, we then trek to Charka La Pass. Once we reach the top of the pass we will descend through a gravel trail to Kaheng Khola, the valley widens when we are about to arrive at our camp. After we reach Kaheng Khola we camp the night there in a suitable camping site.

  21. Day 21: Keheng Khola to Norbulung (4,575m/15,009ft) 6-7hrs trek

    We have our breakfast in the camp then prepare ourselves to trek to our next destination, as we trek the trail goes towards east and soon crossing Bharbung Khola. After crossing the river we trek along the Charka Tulsi Khola to a small hamlet Charka from where we continue trekking until crossing Thansan Khola to our campsite at Norbulung. We camp the night here.

  22. Day 22: Norbulung to Sangda Phedi (5,100m/16,732ft) 6-7hrs trek

    With an early start we leave our camp and begin to trek. Through the trek we traverse high yak pastures of Molum Sumdo and then ascend to the top of a hill over 5,000m. We further trek crossing several rivers, after few hours we reach Sangda La from where we then descend to Sangda Phedi. After we reach our campsite and rest overnight there.

  23. Day 23: Sangda Phedi to Sangda (3,700m/12,139ft) 6-7hrs trek

    We have our breakfast and rejoin our trail. We trek through natural trail to another pass we will cross today. Few hours of trekking will take us to the top of the pass from where we then descend to the settlement of Sangda. The settlement is at the intersection of Beri Khola and Kyalunpu Khola, from here we have trek for few more hours until we arrive at the village of Sangde. We will find a suitable camping site and camp the night there.

  24. Day 24: Sangda to Dhagarjun (3,280m/10,761ft) 6-7hrs trek

    Today’s trail is a beautiful one as we will be offered with magnificent views. After having an early breakfast we begin to trek, leaving our Sangda behind we ascend through numerous ridges to the pass at the height of 4,200m. From the top of the pass we will get to witness views of Thorong La, Nilgiri, Dhaulagiri and also the villages of Kali Gandaki flowing below us. We trek further to Dhagarjun where we will camp overnight.

  25. Day 25: Dhagarjun to Jomsom (2,800m/9,186ft) 6-7hrs trek

    Today we trek to Jomsom, a famous and well known town of Mustang region. We have an early breakfast and begin to trek; we ascend further to one more pass, after crossing the pass we descend to Jomsom the most popular destination of Annapurna circuit. After arriving at Jomsom we will refresh ourselves and explore Jomsom if we have enough time. We will accommodate overnight at a lodge.

  26. Day 26: Jomsom to Kathmandu

    We will have an early breakfast and walk up to the airport nearby the hotel in Jomsom.  After a short flight we reach Pokhara and from here we will take another flight to Kathmandu, once we reach Kathmandu you will have free time to either explore the valley or rest. We will stay the night here in Kathmandu.

  27. Day 27: Spare day in Kathmandu

    We will wake up late and have a good proper breakfast. You will have the whole day to yourselves to either rest in your hotel or explore Kathmandu valley. We will rest the night in Kathmandu.

  28. Day 28: Back home

    Leisure time and explore Kathmandu until the departure time when you will be transferred to airport and fly back home.


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