Trip Facts

Trip Duration 13 Days
Trip Difficulty Moderate
Maximum Altitude Upto 3,500 m
Best Season To Visit September, October, November, December, February, March, April

Trip Overview

Rara Lake also known as “The Queens of Lake” is the largest freshwater lake in the Nepalese Himalayas. This beautiful lake is located in Mugu district of the Karnali region of Nepal. It is a popular spot for trekkers and nature enthusiasts, who come to experience its natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere. In overall, Rara Lake Trek will give you astonishing experience, one that can not be forgotten.

This is one of the best treks and a very interesting section of the Great Himalayan Trek. In this section, you will trek through barren landscapes with beautiful forests. Through the trek, you will cross a few passes and many ethnic mountain villages. Starting the trek from Juphal, you will end it in Rara Lake. The forests and mountains surround the crystal-clear lake. On a clear day, the mountain reflects in the clear lake water. Only a few trekkers choose to trek in the western region, so along the trail, you will only come across a few other trekkers.

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Note: below trekking hours, altitudes, and distances are approximate, and absolutely for general ideas only.

Trip Itinerary

Day 01: Arrive at Kathmandu airport

Altitude above sea level: 1,302 m

Driving Time: Approx. 20-30 minutes, depending on traffic

Accommodation: Hotel Manaslu or similar

Upon arrival at Tribhuwan International airport, our representative will be awaiting you to cordially welcome you with great hospitality. The representative will be displaying the “Nepal Sanctuary Treks” placard outside the airport terminal.

You will be then escorted and transferred to the hotel in our private vehicle. Our staff will accompany you and help you with the check-in at your accommodation. Further, you will be given a brief description of the activities that will take place during the upcoming trip and a preliminary briefing on hygiene and safety by our representative.

Day 02: Cultural Introductory Tour and Trek Preparation

Altitude above sea level: 1,302 m

Tour Duration:  8 hrs. Approx.

Accommodation: Hotel Manaslu or similar

Meal: Breakfast

9:00 AM: After breakfast, you start a guided cultural tour around Kathmandu Valley. Experience the numerous colors, sounds, and tastes of authentic Kathmandu and its surroundings. Our experienced tour guides will tell you all you need to know and answer all your curiosities regarding those sites.

Local Market Tour

Take a short drive to Ason. Then, start wandering Ason and Indrachowk marketplaces to get a glimpse of traditional Nepalese life. Witness the bustle of the market, see how locals purchase the products, and haggle for a bargain. Whilst walking around, enjoy the lively and vibrant atmosphere this local market has to offer. Observe first-hand the local produce people from Nepal actually purchase. You will also take in the sights and smells of the market. Your friendly tour guide will explain in full detail all the products and procedures you will see. There are lots of photo opportunities to capture with your camera.

Kathmandu Durbar Square

Next, head towards Kathmandu Durbar Square, also called Hanuman Dhoka Durbar. This ancient site used to be the residence of the Nepali royal family and administrators. It incorporates an architecturally extraordinary complex of ancient palaces, temples, courtyards, and shrines dating from the 15th to the 18th century.

The prominent sites of Kathmandu Durbar Square are Kumari Ghar or the house of the living goddess.  Kasthamandap is a huge rest house that is said to have been built with wood from a single tree and is the source from which Kathmandu valley got its name. Other sites around Kathmandu Square are the ferocious Kal Bhairab – the red monkey God- Hanuman, hundreds of erotic carvings, temples, and statues dedicated to different deities.


Swayambhunath (monkey temple), is the magnificent ancient religious architecture and center of faith of Hinduism and Buddhism. Its lofty white dome and dazzling golden spire are visible from far and wide. Swayambhunath is the ideal place to observe the religious harmony in Nepal. In the shadows of the imposing structure and besides the integrated architecture, can be found the daily surge of devotees faithfully offering their prayers to the gods. Upon arriving at the top, you can hear the Buddhist song “Om Mani Padme Hum” resounds everywhere. The candles and the aromatic fragrance of incense that burns constantly create a serene vibe and enormous prayer wheels which encircle the stupa.

PM: Boudhanath

Thereafter, take a short drive towards Boudhanath.  From the moment you step into the sanctuary, you’ll immediately feel the spiritual energy that comes from the place. Boudhanath is one of the biggest stupa in Nepal, built in the 5th century and listed on the world heritage list by UNESCO in 1979. The surrounding area is a central spiritual hub of Tibetan life and culture in Nepal. Observe a beautiful dome-shaped structure stupa surrounded by brilliant colorful prayer flags. It is believed that prayer flags convey mantras and prayers into the universe while fluttering in the wind. The Stupa is said to entomb the remains of Kassapa Buddha.

Witness monks draped in maroon robes rolling the prayer wheels, burning incense, and flickering butter candles. Moreover, it’s fascinating to see the people feeding grains and maize to hundreds of pigeons around stupa areas. The devotees turn the prayer wheels & chant, which is humbling to see such dedication to their beliefs.

Delight in the serenity as you hear the Buddhist mantra ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ being chanted by devotees, alongside the echo of music streaming out from the nearby shops.


Moving on, visit Pashupatinath temple, a Hindu shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva located on the bank of Bagmati River. The word Pashupati means “the king of animals” and the temple is famous for its monkeys. You will be visiting the Pashupatinath area to indulge in a spiritual journey.

Pashupatinath is more than just a religious destination. It is a combination of religion, art, and culture. The temple, spread across 246 hectares of land, abounds in temples and monuments. Hundreds of rituals are performed here every day. Witness people performing the religious ritual and funeral pyres burning at open-air cremation. Also, see elaborately dressed holy men meditating outside the temple and pilgrims placing offerings at the shrines. After touring around prominent sites, you will be transferred safely back to your hotel.


Day 03: Flight Kathmandu- Nepalgunj

Altitude above sea level: 150 m

Flight duration: 45 minutes approx.

Accommodation: Hotel

 Meal: Breakfast

After breakfast, you will be transferred to the airport for your flight to Nepalgunj. If it’s a clear day, then you will be able to see amazing views of the Himalayan range. After landing in Nepalgunj you will be escorted to your hotel. You will have the afternoon to yourself to explore Nepalgunj or relax at the hotel.

Day 04: Flight Nepalgunj -Juphal-Hike to Liku

Altitude above sea level: (2,475 m) Juphal, (2,405 m) Liku

Flight duration 35 minutes approx.

Hiking duration: 5 hrs. Approx.

Accommodation: Camping

Meal: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

After an early breakfast, you will be transferred to the airport for your flight to Juphal. Throughout the flight, you will see amazing views of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges.

Once we land at Juphal, we will meet our accompanying trekking crew. Then we set off our today’s trek from Juphal- the starting point of the trek. From Juphal, you trek downwards on a small path to the Thuli Bheri River. Once you reach down, you follow the river downstream. As you trek, the landscapes begin to change, and it looks like you’re at a higher altitude. The trail takes you to the village of Tripurakot, it is a famous village known for its Hindu temple dedicated to the Goddess Tripura Sundari Devi. You can stop here for lunch. After lunch, you continue following the river, passing the small settlement of Chungar. Further, cross the suspension bridges several times until you reach Liku.

Day 05: Trek Liku- Kaigaon via Balangra Lagna pass

Altitude above sea level: (2,642 m) Kaigaon, (3,822 m) Balangra Lagna pass 

Hiking duration: 8–9 hrs. Approx.

Accommodation: Camping

Meal: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Today is a challenging trek day as well as a long one. After breakfast, you leave the village and begin to trek westwards; you trek on the main trail that passes through fields. You trek down to a wooden bridge and the trail passes the village of Muhu and further the village of Huma. You enter the forest trail and climb slowly, with a few steep parts in between; you trek following the Chu Gad River upstream.

As you continue to trek you pass another Magar village of Bangtari and soon to another Magar village of Ghodakhor where you can stop by for lunch. After having lunch, you enter a beautiful pine forest covered with hanging light-green moss. From here in about an hour, you will get to the Balangra La Pass. After the pass, you descend gradually which takes you to Khame La. From here, the trail gets steeper, and soon you will arrive at Kaigaon.

Day 06: Trek Kaigaon-Chotra via Maure Lagna pass

Altitude above sea level: (3,103 m) Chotra, (3,900 m) Maure Lagna pass

Hiking duration: 8–9 hrs. Approx.

Accommodation: Camping

Meal: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Today is quite a challenging and longer trek day. After having breakfast, you rejoin the trail. As you leave the village, you cross a big suspension bridge and follow the river downstream. You enter a forest trail and gradually begin to ascend; you pass the village of Mazgaon and further another village, Bolas.

Continue ascending to a small pass with many walls. After the pass, you descend to Chaurikot where you stop for lunch. Thereafter, you leave the village and continue to ascend and again enter a beautiful forest. As you trek for about 3 hours, you reach Nauli. From here the landscapes start to change, and you will be trekking in desolate, high-altitude landscapes. Trekking further and ascending uphill, you will soon reach the pass. Further, crossing the pass brings you into Jumla, and then again make a long descent for about 3 hrs to the small village of Chotra. It is a small village where Chhetri, Rokas, and Buddhist resides.

Day 07: Trek Chotra-Jumla

Altitude above sea level: (2,350 m) Jumla

Hiking duration: 9 hrs. approx.

Accommodation: Camping

Meal: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

After a hearty breakfast, you enter the forest and follow the Chotra Khola. Then, you pass the village of Mani Sagu. After the village, you follow the Juli Odar River to another village called Satepani. Further, if you follow Gogane Khola upstream, soon you will leave the river and suddenly the landscape gets more desolate. From high above, you will get a good view of the beautiful valley. You will reach a small settlement known as Gothichaur. From here, you begin to climb the pass. After the pass, while descending you will have a great view of valleys with pines and pastures, similar to the ones in the Swiss Alps.  Thereafter, you take a descending trail, and pass the actual Gothichaur village. You can choose to spend the night here in this village or continue trekking, passing the village of Jharjwula and Depalgaon. From here, you further cross two suspension bridges and enter Jumla Bazaar. Also known as Khalanga Bazaar, Jumla is the headquarters of Jumla District.

Day 08: Trek Jumla- Nauri Ghat via Daphe Lekh

Altitude above sea level: (2,700 m) Nauri Ghat, (3,900 m) Daphe Lekh

Hiking duration: 7 hrs. Approx.

Accommodation: Camping

Meal: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

You will have an early breakfast and rejoin the trail. As you begin to trek, you will see a wooden bridge with a signboard: “way to Rara Lake “. As you follow the trail to Rara Lake; the trail gradually climbs with few steep climbs in between. You will pass a few small settlements like Panegaon, Sinimul, and Cherechaur. From Cherechaur, the trail starts a steep ascent through the forest. Then, you trek to the  Dhanphe Lekh Pass. After the pass, the trail gradually descends, and as you continue you cross the village of Khali Gaon. From here it is another 15 minutes to pass another village, Tharmali. Descending further for about an hour through the forest trail, you arrive at Nauri Ghat.

Day 09: Trek Nauri Ghat - Jhyarigaon via Ghurchi Lagna Pass

Altitude above sea level: (2,672 m) Jhyarigaon, (3,447 m) Ghurchi Lagna Pass 

Hiking duration: 8–9 hrs. Approx.

Accommodation: Camping

Meal: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

After having breakfast, you start with easy walking through forests and fields. You will pass the small settlement of Kabra, Bhad, Chautha, Bulbule, and Dabha. You will cross the Ghurchi Langa pass, which will offer superb views. After the pass, you descend gradually at first, but later the trail gets steeper at some point. Further, you drop all the way to the dirt road, where you cross a river.  Trekking further you cross a small wooden bridge after which it is only a few minutes to the village of Jhyarigaon.

Day 10: Trek Jhyarigaon-Rara Lake

Altitude above sea level: (2,986 m) Rara Lake

Hiking duration: 2–3 hrs. Approx.

Accommodation: Camping

Meal: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

It will be a short trek today.  After a hearty breakfast, the trail climbs up the hill through the pine forest for about an hour, and soon it gets flatter. Continuing to trek you will reach Rara Lake within no time, you will have enough time to relax and explore the lakeside. Rara is the biggest lake in Nepal, and it is part of the smallest national park; Rara National Park. The lake is surrounded by pine forests and snow-capped Himalayas on the Horizon and reflects in the lake.

Day 11: Trek Rara Lake-Talcha Airport - Flight Talcha Airport -Nepalgunj-Kathmandu

Altitude above sea level: (1,302 m) Kathmandu

Hiking duration: 2 hrs. Approx.

Flight duration: 30 minutes approx. (Talcha APT-Nepalgunj), 45 minutes approx. (Nepalgunj-KTM)

Accommodation: Hotel Manaslu or similar

Meal: Breakfast

After having an early breakfast, it is a short trek to Talcha Airport. From here you take a flight to Nepalgunj or Surkhet and on to Kathmandu. After landing, our representative will be transferred to your hotel.

Day 12: Leisure day in Kathmandu

Accommodation: *** Hotel Manaslu or similar

Meals: Breakfast

It’s also a spare day in case of bad weather or if we could not fly on the scheduled date and time.

Day 13: Final Departure

Meal: Breakfast

It is time to fly back home, keeping all the terrific experiences of Nepal in mind. The representative from Nepal Sanctuary Treks will transfer you to TIA airport, where you should check-in 3 hours prior to your scheduled flight.

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