Capturing the hearts and minds of personnel and getting them to believe in sustainable or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies are something that the management team wants very much but that is very hard to get or attain.

Tulsi Gyawali, MD received a Travelife Certified Recognition from Ms. Chi Ngyuen, Sustainability Account Manager

Without a commitment from the team, the success of a company’s sustainability policies is likely to have limited influence. It’s important to create an organizational culture that boosts staff to enthusiastically pursue energy-saving, waste-minimization, and ethical practices through an emotional engagement which is significant to serving a business reach its sustainability goals.

Nepal Sanctuary Treks take a serious approach towards sustainability. The company complies with the international Travelife Certified standard and implement the guidelines of Sustainability Policy to increase the positive impact of tourism on individuals and local communities, whilst reducing negative social, environmental and economic impacts.

Group pictures after receiving the Travelife certificates

The company finds a means to get all personnel—from top executives to operational and field staff personally involved in the day-to-day company sustainability efforts. Recently about 19 NST members including management and operational team, trekking leader, guides have been trained on sustainability on the basis of the Travelife system. 

Travelife Training Certificate Distribution by Travelife Sustainability Account Manager

On May 31, 2019, Nepal Sanctuary Treks organized the Travelife Sustainability Certificate distribution program at the office. On this occasion, Miss Chi Nguyen, Travelife Sustainability Account Manager and coach visited at the office and handed over the Travelife Certified and Travelife Sustainability Management Training Certificate to Managing Director, Tulsi Gyawali. 

Also, she distributed the certificate to our trekking guides and an operational team who have successfully completed the training on “Leading the way-Guide Training” and “Internal Environment management Training” and “Travelife Sustainability Management”.

It is a very honorable and cheerful experience to receive a certificate, from Miss Chi Ngyugen, The entire NST team would like to thank Chi for her valuable time for visiting our office and providing the certificate to our team. This has truly motivated our team members toward sustainability.

Pramila Shrestha, BD/ Sustainability Coordinator received a Travelife Sustainability Management Certificate from Ms. Chi Ngyuen 

Training completion on “Travelife Sustainability Management” that have been met to earn the title of “Sustainability Travel Manager”

  1. Tulsi Gyawali, Managing Director
  2. Prashant Rana, General Manager
  3. Pramila Shrestha, Business Development/Sustainability Coordinator

Leading the Way –Guide Training

Out of 40 trekking crew, 12 trekking guide has successfully accomplished Travelife online training on ‘Leading the Way-Guide Training’. This training helps guides to gain an insight into sustainable tourism and how to incorporate it into their day-to-day role. 

Guides also receive a checklist and action plan for continued professional development, to ensure ongoing improvement of their product. Our trekking guides and leaders can use the inspiring knowledge straight away and put it into practice.

They received the training on the following modules:

  • The principles of responsible guiding
  • Following responsible guiding practices
  • Communicating with customers
  • Professional development

Name list of Certificate Receiver:

  • Chandra Rai
  • Gelbu Sherpa
  • Purna Tamang
  • Bhim Sunuwar
  • Prem Gurung
  • Mangal Dhoj Tamli
  • Bishwo Rai
  • Dinesh Thing
  • Khadka Narayan  Rai
  • Hebi Dhum Khulung

Name list who could not attend the certificate distribution program due to on trek

  • Bal Bahadur Shrestha
  • Arjun Tamang

Internal Environment Management Training

                            Purna Bahadur Shrestha, Quality Control Officer received “Internal Environment Management” Certificate from Ms. Chi Ngyuen, Travelife Sustainability Account Manager

Likewise, the operational team successfully completed the “Internal Environmental Management” Travelife training course. Environmental management encompasses measures that will improve the office sustainability.  The learning platform deals with the topics Purchasing, Energy, Paper, Water and Waste. Moreover, it discusses CO2 compensation options and Internal Communication.  

                         Hari Tharu, Driver and Assitant received “Internal Environment Management” Certificate from Ms. Chi Ngyuen, Travelife Sustainability Account Manager

All staff members (including field staff) receive constant guidance, training and/or information about their roles and responsibilities with respect to environmental practices, including water, energy saving, paper, and waste issues.

                                        Raju Singh Khawas, Store in-charge received “Internal Environment Management” Certificate from Ms. Chi Ngyuen, Travelife Sustainability Account Manager

Name list of Certificate Receiver:

Purna Shrestha; Quality and Purchasing Control Officer

Raju Singh Khawas, Store In-Charge

Hari Tharu; Driver and Assistant

Name list who could not attend the certificate distribution program 

Kaji Ram Chaudhary; Driver 


Improve in waste management through setting up of compartment bin and partnering with Doko Recycler. The Impact Certificate serves as an illuminating indicator and reminder of the impact Nepal Sanctuary Treks has had on the environment in collaboration with Doko Recyclers.

Distribution of 100 eco poster in every teahouse of Everest, Annapurna, Lang tang, Kanchenjunga and other regions along the trail by our trekking leader. They educate the owner and staff of teahouses on environmental issues and energy, water and waste management tips.

Use biodegradable hand soap and cleaning powder for office multi-purpose i.e cleaning floor, furniture, utensils and partnering with “Earth Spices“.  All products are handmade and hand packed by women who are mostly from poor, remote communities.

For more information on sustainability please refer to the Sustainability report link



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