Teri La Pass is a mountain passage nestled close to the Tibetan border. Furthermore, Teri La is a remote, adventurous, and very serene high-walking route. Despite being categorized as an easy trek, the altitude of Teri La Pass makes the trip very tricky and challenging.

Way to Teri La Pass

Teri La Pass is located in the remote and rugged Damodar Himal region, nestled between Nar and Mustang, at an elevation of 5,595 meters above sea level. This altitude is even higher than the Everest Base Camp, which stands at 5,380 meters. After crossing the seldom-visited Teri La Pass, hikers have the option to enter either the Nar Phu Valley or Upper Mustang. Furthermore, the Nar to Mustang Trek via Teri La Pass is an excellent choice for those seeking an authentic experience of the pristine and culturally rich Buddhist traditions that thrive in these regions. Notably, Teri La Pass offers captivating trails, leading from the untouched beauty of Narphu village to the enigmatic caves of Mustang.

Given that Teri La is among the highest passes in Nepal’s trekking routes, it is essential for trekkers to be in good physical condition and possess previous trekking experience. Individuals with health concerns and a history of altitude sickness should carefully reconsider embarking on a trek to Teri La.

Getting to Teri La

Teri La, a Nepali mountain pass in Mustang, offers a challenging journey rewarded with a breathtaking 360° Himalayan vista at 5,500 meters. It’s a paradise on Earth.

The sole means of reaching Teri La is by trekking on foot. While porters can assist with carrying heavy loads, mules and horses cannot navigate the path to the pass. Furthermore, Teri La is located in an extremely remote area, with Mustang itself often referred to as the “forbidden kingdom.” Teri La lies beyond this forbidden kingdom, and the phrase “a place beyond the forbidden kingdom” aptly signifies its isolation.

The journey to Teri La starts in Jomsom, Nepal, which you can reach by plane or road from Pokhara. Along the way, you’ll pass through different places like Kagbeni and Lo Manthang, which used to be the capital of the Kingdom of Mustang. After you explore Lo Manthang at 3,840 meters high, the trek takes you even higher. You’ll make stops at places like Yak Kharka and Samana Khola before you get to the Teri La Base Camp at 4,630 meters. After resting and looking around the Teri La Base Camp, the trek continues to Teri La Pass, which is at a whopping 5,595 meters above sea level.

Why Visit Teri La Pass

The Teri La Pass trek takes you on an adventure to explore Tibetan cultures and Buddhist traditions. It’s in a remote area in Upper Mustang, near the Damodar Mountain. You’ll discover ancient villages like Nar Phu, monasteries, and untouched caves. The journey also treats you to beautiful landscapes and breathtaking views of the Mustang region. But, it’s not a fancy trip. You won’t have luxury hotels, pools, or fancy meals. Instead, you’ll camp and eat simple food. Leave your modern stuff like smartphones and laptops behind, and embrace the natural beauty of the Himalayas. Teri La Pass can inspire you for the future.

Essential Things For The Trip To Teri La Pass

  • A well-experienced guide and local inhabitant staff and also a medical staff if possible
  • Ice Axe, Ice Boots, and Climbing Rope (Approximately 50 meters)
  • A full detailed map of the region
  • Quality Sunglasses
  • Satellite Phone and GPS
  • Pair of Quality Trekking Stick
  • A Strong Headlight
  • Water and Wind Proof Clothing Materials and Boots
  • Sleeping Bag, Mat, Warm Socks, Mufflers, and Gloves

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