Places for One Day Hike around Kathmandu Valley

In case you have limited time and energy for longer treks or hikes, Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal provides you the opportunity to experience hiking in the vicinity of the valley. Kathmandu is bounded by the hills covered with the forests, terraced farms, and the villages. The hike around Kathmandu valley offers you with the scenic beauty of the geography, mountains, culture, and lifestyle of the people in a short time and a chance to enjoy some time in peace away from the crowd of the city without going too far.

The major advantages of trekking around the valley are that you can see the beautiful view of mountains without reaching the higher altitude plus you need not be very far from the city either. Here are some of the short trekking routes around Kathmandu valley you can consider if you are looking for the trekking experience in a relatively shorter time:

Champa Devi Hike

Champa Devi lies in the southeastern part of Kathmandu valley separating it from the Makwanpur district. Champa Devi hill is the third highest hill in Kathmandu at the altitude of 2,278 meters. The Champa Devi hill hiking is popular during the day of Nepali New Year. Whether an individual wishes to see the entire Kathmandu valley, wants to see the mountain ranges, wishes to go to the higher land or to see the remote villages, a one day hike to Champa Devi hill is the best option.

Apart from hiking experience, a hike to Champa Devi offers the hikers with the magnificent view of the mountains and the mountain ranges like Ganesh Himal, Annapurna, Langtang, and Gaurisankar. Similarly, the hike offers you with the view of Nepal historical places such as Bagmati River, Khokana, and Pharping. You can view the highest hill around the valley that is Chandagari on your left and the Phulchowki on your right.



Among the various trekking routes that lead you to Champa Devi summit, the most commonly used is the one along the Dollu Valley through the pine forest. The route is often used, easily noticed and easy to follow. The route starts from the Hattiban Resort, and the trip will take about 3-4 hours to get there and return.

Another route, across the Dakshinkali temple (goddess Kali), walking through the dirt roads also leads you to the destination. The route is steeper and takes almost 4 to 6 hours.

Buses are available from the Old Bus Park. Go there and catch a bus to Dakshinkali. You can ask the conductor to stop at the Hattiban resort or to Pharping. And, thus begins your trek.

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Shivapuri Hike

The hike to Shivapuri is a prominent hike in Kathmandu at an elevation of 2563 meters and is only 25 kilometers away from the capital. Shivapuri is a good choice to get into the nature still being near to the bustling capital city; Kathmandu. The hike starts from Budhanilkantha temple, 8 km North of Kathmandu. You will see the statue of sleeping Vishnu on a single stone. From Budhanilkantha, about 2 to 5 hours hike will take you to the Nagi Gumba: a Buddhist monastery. Resting in the elevation of 2340 meters, the Nagi Gumba is a popular destination for Buddhist as well as locals. After a visit to the Gumba, you will again proceed for about 2 hours to reach our destination. From the top you will view the beautiful Kathmandu valley as far as you can. The origin of the Bagmati River: Baghdwar can also be seen from the top which also makes the trek a religious. The birds and the surrounding hills add extra attraction to the hike.

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Namobuddha Hike 

Namobuddha lies 38 kilometers east of Kathmandu at the altitude of 1,750 meters. Namobuddha is a holy place for the Buddhist and is famous for the Buddhist Gumbas and shrines. The stupas are such a beautiful reflection of the Buddhist art. This place also carries an ancient history. According to legend, once a prince offered himself to the starving tiger in this place. Situated at the top of the hill, Namobuddha provides you with the beauty of the Everest and Langtang Himalayan Range. You can see the cropped farms throughout your trek reflecting the agriculture practice in Kathmandu. The trek also provides you with the marvelous view of the landscape in all directions. The Hiking takes a minimum of 5 hours.

The hike starts after a drive to a place called Dhapasi and ancient Newar town Panauti. Heading upwards to the north-east direction and crossing a suspension bridge we cross many agricultural villages. An hour steep climb leads us to our destination point Namobuddha.


Phulchowki Hill Hiking

Phulchoki meaning the ‘Hill of Flowers’ is the highest hill around Kathmandu Valley (2,782 meters) and named after the name of a Hindu goddess. The Phulchoki hill is a famous trekking route for the vegetation and bird watching. The forest of Phulchowki consists of Rhododendron of different colors, including pure and white. Different species of birds such as Flycatcher, Rufous-bellied Niltava, Yellow-browed Tit, Red-billed Leiothrix, Bronzed and Racket-tailed Drongos, Grey-headed Wood keeper, Nepal Cutia, and Black-winged Cuckoo shrine can be noticed during the trek.

Since Phulchoki is the name of the goddess, there is a shrine of the goddess at the top surrounded by flags. People celebrate a month-long festival during March/April. Other festivals also take place in July and August. You will also find a telecommunication tower at the top. Being near to the temple, it is also wrapped up with the flags. This tower at the top of the highest hill around the valley is where technology meets culture.


The eastern Annapurna and Gaurisankar range view and the view of the Kathmandu valley are the other attractions of the hike. Phulchoki is an only place that experiences snow in the periphery of the valley.

You will get buses and minibuses from the old Bus Park that will drop you up to Lagankhel. You can catch minibus to go to the Godavari from there. Your hike starts as soon as you get off the minibus in the Godavari.

Kakani to Bhanjyang  Hike

The Kakani hike features  the pine, rhododendron, and oak forest along the route. Kakani to Bhanjyang is a short hike requiring only about 4 hours of walk and not so difficult to climb either. The trip also offers the beauty of the mountains.

The Kakani hike features the pine, rhododendron, and oak forest along the route. Kakani to Bhanjyangis a short hike requiring only about 4 hours of walk and not so difficult to climb either. The trip also offers the beauty of the mountains.

You will get a bus from Machhapokhari (near New Bus Park) to reach up to Kakani. You pass through some covered and uncovered parts of strawberry fields. There are hotels if you want to spend a night. There is a memorial park built in the memory of the Thai Airways which crashed in 1992. You can visit the park if you want. You can view the amazing views of the Manaslu, Langtang, Gaurisankar and Ganesh Himal and enjoy the time taking pictures.

Going down to the right, you can get tickets to enter the Shivapuri National Park. After 15 minutes you will reach the army checkpoint. Climbing little more, you arrive GurjeBhanjyang. From here you can also make a trek to Budhanilkantha.

Going down to the right, you can get tickets to enter the Shivapuri National Park. After 15 minutes you will reach the army checkpoint. Climbing little more, you arrive GurjeBhanjyang. From here you can also make a trek to Budhanilkantha.

Sankhu to Bajrayogini hike

Sankhu is the prehistoric town particularly famous for its shape: Sankha-shaped. The Sankhu is 16 kilometers far from Katmandu and it will take about one hour drive from the capital. The Sankhu to Bajrayogini trek offers you with the chances to explore the Newari town, and its culture. You will walk around the bank of Sali River: a pilgrimage site. The trek then continues towards the Bajrayogini Temple which is about 2 km from Sankhu. The beautiful hills, unspoiled forest and the various shrines and statues are the attractions of the hike to the Bajrayogini temple. The Siddha caves are the must visit in the temple. There are eight Siddhas (Gurus) of Hindus and the four caves where the Siddhas are believed to have lived.

Trek Through the Sankhu and Explore Newari Cullture

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Sundarijal Hiking

Sundarijal hiking starts at Budhanilkantha. Sundarijal is 15 kilometers away from Kathmandu towards north-east with a maximum elevation of 1,500 meters and is a gateway to Chisapani for many hikers. The hike starts from Budhanilkantha temple. 10 minutes’ walk from here will lead you to Shivapuri Conservation Area. The Sundarijal hike is famous for the views of the waterfalls and hilly ridges. You receive a chance to explore the wild jungle during the trek along with the beautiful mountain views. Nagi Gumba is another attraction of the trek which is a famous place for Buddhist. The foreigners often come to Nagi Gumba for meditation. It usually takes two hours for the trekkers to reach the top and that landscape around you makes the trip even shorter.


Nagarkot Hiking

Nagarkot lies 32 kilometers east of Kathmandu at the altitude of 2,195 meters. A trek to Nagarkot offers you with the fabulous mountain views of Annapurna, Langtang and Everest Ranges. Also, Nagarkot is very famous for the sunrise and sunset if you are staying a night there.

To get there, you can get a bus to Sakhu from the Bhaktapur. Almost 4 hours walk between the pines forests will take you up to Nagarkot. You can look the nearby villages as soon as you reach Nagarkot and feel the spectacular beauty of the sunset in the evening.

You can catch a bus or hire a taxi to return to Kathmandu.


Suryabinayak Pilot Baba Aashram Hike

The hike to Pilot Baba Aashram starts from  Suryabinayak. You can also spend some time to visit the temple. The trail guides you through the jungles and bushes of Rhododendron and needle wood. You can also see the locals collecting the fodders for their livestock along your trail. You will climb sharply to meet the road that leads to a picnic spot. From here, you can now see your destination: the Pilot Baba Aashram temple. One more hour of walk and then you will stand beneath the entrance of the temple. From the hill, you can see the beautiful hills and the Suryabinayak jungle.

After exploring the temple, the Suryabinayak temple is only a five-minute walk away from the entrance. The entrance to the temple requires you to pay the assigned fee for the maintenance of the temple. You can also try some of the local snacks and fruits from the vendors. Now, following the right uphill for some time and then again to the downhill, you will reach the small road that connects to the village. Furthermore, a left turn from the trail and then through the red mud road will lead to the flat walk for sometimes. Then, you will reach the Y junction, from where you will follow left to finish.


Amitabha Monastery Hiking (Seto Gumba)

Amitabha Monastery lies in the South of the Kathmandu Valley. It is also called a Seto Gumba or White Gumba. The White Gumba lies at the altitude of 1,500 meters. The Amitabha Monastery or the White Gumba is a holy place for the followers of Buddhism. Hiking to the White Gumba starts from Swayambhu. The trek is almost five hours long and provides the trekkers with the opportunity to witness various avatars of the Lord Buddha inside the stupas. The peaceful place is surrounded by green villages and provides a beautiful view of the Kathmandu valley. The trip to the Gumba is refreshing and entertaining.

 Pharping hike

If you are looking for a short hike that could drive you towards nature, the local lifestyle and the culture all at once, then Pharping is most probably the best choice. Situated at the south of Kathmandu, Pharping is only an hour drive away from Kathmandu and a beautiful place that comprises of the beautiful temples, monasteries and the Newari village.

Passing through the jungles and pine woody areas for half an hour, you will reach four beautiful monasteries and Guru Rinpoche’s huge statue. Devotees gather around the Gumba on Tuesday and Saturday. The Gumba also provides with the wonderful view of the central and western Himalayan range. The Newari village the Pharping is another interest of the hike. The village reflects the typical Newari lifestyle.

The Banthali Village Hike

Banthali Village is situated 40 kilometers east of Kathmandu, beyond Panauti village lay a peace and calm Banthali village. Standing on the top of the Banthali village, one can admire the beauty of nature with terraced farms and the thatched village. The views of the hills and mountains in every direction you turn are enough to melt yourself. The dense forest of the Rhododendron and several species of birds make the place not less beautiful and lovely than heaven. The Banthali village trek will be the best option for someone who is looking for some time in peace and for someone who wants to spend some time listening to the bird’s sound. Banthali also offers you the cycling trials if you are a cyclist.

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