Homestays have surged in popularity in Nepal, offering an authentic immersion into village life. Supported by the Nepal Tourism Board, these experiences provide insights into local culture and support grassroots development. Initiated in places like Sirubari and Ghalegaon, homestays are now widespread across the country, from the Kathmandu Valley to Chitwan and beyond. Despite the absence of precise data, their prevalence is undeniable. Beyond accommodation, homestays foster sustainable development and empower communities, making them an invaluable aspect of any visit to Nepal.

Homestay in Nepal

To explore and experience

Homestay will give you the chance to explore the traditional lifestyle of Nepali people, which have been almost forgotten by city peoples. In rural people, people follow the actual way of living from which Nepal has come so far and my friend, they are the real “keepers” of Nepal.

Along with the exploration of the rural life, you can experience that life too. Dive into the pool of nature’s art and for some days live the life of those native, believe me, you will be amazed by their distinctive living. Homestay will give you the chance to know the reality of the life about the people in the rural Nepal which you will never learn from any books or any magazines. So, by traveling all the way from your country, what is the best way of making the visit worth than experiencing that life by yourself?

To know the real Nepal

As you explore the life of people in rural areas and experience the same, you will get to know the real Nepal. Living in the house made of stones and tiles, grazing your herd of cattle’s in the hills, living a simple life of peace and happiness with pride, is the way how it was done in the old days.

Now, most of the population are based on town areas, but behind those hills and mountains, there are still people who like to follow the same way of living. The life you see in town is a recent adoption of modern living; people would rather cling on the hope of living a better modern life and struggle their whole life than live a life of peace and self-esteem in the village.

Staying in a homestay will give you some glimpse of that life, and you will see the life beyond the tall buildings of towns.

Ghale gau Lamjung Homestay

Have the taste of authentic food

You can have the taste of all Nepali cuisine in the restaurants and hotels from city areas, and they do serve the best, but the taste of the food in a homestay is. You will get a chance to eat the food made from the fire woods, locally grown vegetables, well, where else will you get this?

Several foods are prepared in Nepal during different festivals and occasions. So if you are lucky and be your host’s guest during festivals, then, you will get to taste of some local food made of local ingredients.

Get to know the culture

In a homestay, you will get to see the culture and tradition. Nepal is a country where people belonging to the traditions follow different customs and culture as per their caste. Your host will be delighted to tell you the culture and customs that existed hundreds year back.

It will be an excellent opportunity for you to learn, so never hesitate to show your queries to your host; they will be more than happy to explain everything they know.

To uplift the local economy

Homestay has been a new way to uplift the local economy. Staying in a homestay can aid a lot in the local economy. Tourism has been one of the significant sources of revenue in Nepal, but the local economy isn’t the one benefitting from those tourism programs.

In a homestay, the money you pay will directly go in the hand of your host, what is the better way of ensuring the promotion of local economy and having the time of life at the same moment?

It is safe

The locals in villages live a simple life. They are unknown to the cunningness unlike the most people in the city nowadays. They lead a simple and innocent life in a peaceful community untouched of any fabrication.

While staying in a homestay, your host will give you the information which is facts and their warm way of hospitality will make you feel safe. Living with those people in a homestay is one of the best treats.

Homestay in Nepal

Good Value

Your comforts won’t be comprised in a homestay. Your host will give you the best of what they can offer, with a warm greeting and hospitality so that you won’t feel like an outsider. They will welcome you with great hospitality and assure your comfort in their home because they will think of you as a guest, not a customer.

Learn the language

In Nepal, there are 123 different languages that the spoken all over the country. Although Nepali is the national language, especially people in rural areas prefer to speak their ethnic language. You can learn the Nepali language, along with that you can learn a few ethnic languages too.

It is a home away from home

In hotels, you can get all the facilities and luxury, but the feeling of sitting inside the four walls will make you miss your home. But in a homestay, you won’t, as it is home after all.

It will be like visiting an acquaintance from another community. You can get a chance to be involved in that community, and they will treat you like one of the family.

You won’t feel lonely

As I said, homestay is a home away from home. Getting the people to know, finding out the way of life, participating yourself in their culture will never make you feel lonely.

It will be like meeting new friends and understanding each other. You can involve yourself in their community and try to learn the local customs.

Contribute back to the community

It’s an ideal option and great opportunity to give back to the community and local people by participating on various CSR (Community based responsibility) activities such as teaching English at rural school, creating awareness campaign on environment and hygiene, donating the school and charity organization in the form of kind or money.

How your contribution benefitted to Host families and communities

The host families can reap the several benefits besides earning money from their services. Nepal Tourism Board has also supported the homestay program by providing training for better homestay and organizing several programs.

Women and Children Empowerment

In most part of rural areas, women bound within the four walls and reliant on their spouse. Homestay program provides an opportunity to learn the new skill and English language that enables them to enhance their confidence level to communicate with guests and become capable enough to become breadwinner to support their families from the money they make. In addition, children will also get a chance to get exposure to the outside world.

Preservation and Promotion of Local Culture

Community-based Homestay project inspires and make realize on the significance of preserving culture and tradition. As guests take a deep interest in local culture and tradition. This will help to gain insight among local people that culture and tradition are essential to keep alive for sustainability.

Proper utilization of local resources and product

Homestay project will benefit to host as they can utilize their local made products, resources in their services. For instance: they can use their organically grown fruits and vegetables to serve the guests and local people can exhibit their local talent among the guest i.e. cultural dance.

Homestay in Nepal

Strengthening local community

Homestay helps to create the teamwork and collaboration among people in the community. People get the opportunity to work together to create the guests experience more memorable, authentic and make effort to make the home environment.

They greet and welcome the guests with warm hospitality to the people all around the globe. In addition, homestay enables to help people to exchange the idea and experience with guests. This will help to establish the strong relationships among host and guest.

Improve livelihood

Homestay project help to uplift the economic status of local people and create wider benefits for the communities. The money spent by guests is circulated within the local communities that greatly support to boost their livelihood.

Environmental Awareness

Homestay project lead hosts to become more concern on the environment and its resources. This will lead them to  become more responsible towards the environment, safety and hygiene.

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