Dhaulagiri (8,167/ 26,745ft.): The White Mountain is the seventh highest mountain in the world. When it comes about trekking, the mountains attract the tourist most. Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek is one of the majestic and challenging trekking routes in Nepal. Dhaulagiri Circuit trekking now has become a demanding trek in Nepal. It leads the trekkers towards the base of the Mount Dhaulagiri through the stunning glaciers.

About Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek

The Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek is sometimes the most challenging three-weeks trek in Nepal. The high snow-capped passes, the Dhaulagiri Base Camp and the glaciers will make the dream of every trekker come alive. In contrary, the difficult terrain, off-beaten trail and lack of enough accommodation make the trek favored for the trekkers with high tolerance and patience.

The trek follows the less-trodden trail and invites you to the wild vicinity of the Mount Dhaulagiri. Dhaulagiri was also considered as the highest mountain in the world from 1808-1848. However, this honor has now been taken by Mount Everest.

According to Sanskrit, Dhaula means white, beautiful and dazzling and Giri means Mountain. The Dhaulagiri massif in Nepal extends over 120 km (70 mi) from Kaligandaki River.  The tributaries of the Bheri River border the massif towards the north and the southwest. The Myagdi Khola lies on the southeast.

The difficulty of the Trek

The mountains are always farther than they seem, taller than they appear and harder than they look. Dhaulagiri trekking circuit is certainly not an easy thing to accomplish. If you will be trekking above the 5,000 meters, then do not rush into it without the previous experience. Experienced guide who very well knows about the Dhaulagiri route will be of great help since the boards and directions are not that common which might increase the chances of losing the path. The trekkers will require a rope, ice axe, and crampons and maybe also a helmet to avoid small rock falls at some parts.

Although the mountain was always there standing tall and still, a Swiss/Austrian/Nepali team made the first historical ascend to the top only on May 13, 1960. In 2007 alone, there were 358 successful summits to the peak with 58 losses of lives which makes it 16.2% fatality rate which is certainly not a small figure. Thus, the trek is surely not for the beginners. Instead, it requires experienced and high skills trekkers.

Trekking Permit

The Dhaulagiri Trek Circuit requires permits to accomplish. Having a permit ensures your trek to run smooth and without any obstacles in the way. Trekkers will require a Trekkers Information Management System (TIMS) and Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP) for the trek.  Nepal Sanctuary Trek is always there to help you with the permits and arranging the organized trek.

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Best Time to Trek in Dhaulagiri Circuit

Autumn (September and November) and spring (March and May) are favorable seasons to trek in Dhaulagiri. The autumn offers with the clear sky with moderate temperature while the spring is decorated with beautiful wildflowers and the rhododendron forest. The mountains views are superb and the temperature is not that extreme.

However, the winter is characterized by extreme cold, heavy rainfall and chances of avalanche making the trek more difficult. Although the mountains in the winter are at their best appearances covered by the snow, the extreme temperature is almost impossible to bear. The hot days and the rainfall in the summer days are also a not preferable time for the trek in Dhaulagiri circuit. The rain might cause the trail slippery adding the leeches that stuck in your skin you will not love.

 Meals and Accommodation

Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek is a complete camping trek. Food will be prepared in a camp kitchen. Nepal Sanctuary Treks team of leaders, guides, cooks, Sherpas and porters will accompany our clients and take care of all the technical and logistical part during camping treks. They carried to prepare high-energy, nutritious and scrumptious food. A large comfortable domed tents with thick foam mattresses on thinner insulation liners with stools and table for meals will be set up. Although the services will not be at that level of five stars in Kathmandu, our staff will not upset the trekkers in terms of nutritious meals, cleanliness and hospitality.

he Dhaulagiri Trekking Trail Route

The real adventure to the rarely visited Dhaulagiri starts from Beni which is about 2 to 3 hours’ drive away from Pokhara. The trek starts with the normal trekking difficulty for first few days. Along the bank of Myagdi River and exploring the Magar, Chhetries and Brahmin villages, trekkers will pass the Dobang (2,350 m) with the scenic beauty of the mountains, forest, and landscape.

Until the tenth day, trekkers will reach Italian Base Camp (3,660 m). Trekkers will also spend a spare day in the base camp to acclimatize. A short walk around the base camp will provide the trekkers with the opportunity to huge Dhaulagiri Mountain and the Tsaurabong peak. Next is the Glacier Camp passing through the Swiss and the Chonbarden Glacier. Tukuche peak, little eager icefall, and the narrow gorge will drive trekkers crazy enough.

Dhaulagiri Base Camp is the major attraction of the trek at an altitude of 4,740 meters. The panoramic view of the Dhaulagiri I, Tukuche peak, and the Little Eager take the trekkers into a really different world.

The French Pass (5,360 m) is the highest point in the trek trail which is reached by crossing the moraine ridge and glacier. The amazing view from the summit of the French Pass is just wow! The Dhampus and the hidden valley pour the extra scenario and beautiful views around the trekkers. Trekking to Dhampus can also be a secondary idea where the peak offers with the beautiful views of the Dhaulagiri and Annapurna.

On the foothills of Mt Nilgiri along the beach of the Kali Gandaki Valley, the trail passes through the Batase Danda reaching to Yak Kharka. The views of the beautiful ice flutings of the Tukuche peak, Mustang and Jomsom valley will surely melt the trekker’s heart and make the trek worth all the difficulties along the path.

Trekkers will also explore the Marpha; a wonderful Thakali village with a Buddhist monastery whitewashed houses and paved streets along the way to Jomsom. Make sure you will taste the apple drink (Marpha) in the village. Jomsom will provide the trekkers with the flight to Kathmandu.

The feeling to conquer the seventh tallest mountain in the world is beyond any comparison in spite of being difficult, risky and challenging trek .

It is a real adventure trek around Dhaulagiri via the French Pass and Hidden Valley. The route passes through rugged terrain with astonishing natural beauty that very few visitors have ever witnessed. The scenery is unforgettable and the challenging trek crosses several mountain passes. This trek is more challenging than in other region but also worth trekking.

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