Sikkim is still considered Shangrila by many of those who have ventured to its remote, spectacular mountain terrain, exotic flora and fauna, fascinating old monasteries and an exotic cultural lifestyle. This alluring enchantment is exactly what dreams are made of… Sikkim is a landlocked state with no airport because of its mountainous terrain and no railway feasible because of the steep gradient. Only the determined traveler can start their jaunt from Bagdogra – the nearest airport and Siliguri, the closest railway terminal. Regardless of the starting point, it is still hours of an odyssey through winding and curving roads to the capital, Gangtok. Very few visitors venture out to visit Sikkim and fewer still have time or inclination for treks and specialized tours. But for those who do have the patience and endeavor to discover more of this little kingdom will have their just reward.

Available Treks


Dzongri Trek (Sikkim)

  • Duration:12 Days
  • Difficulty:Moderate
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