I recently finished an amazing trip to Nepal thanks to you and your high caliber of staff that demonstrated professionalism and sincerity. The following is an acknowledgement of the high standard of service that both Rob and I received while in Nepal.

Prasan was always forward thinking ensuring that we were well prepared and provided for, for each part of our journey. He also personally escorted us to different destinations of our trip, which helped put our minds at ease knowing that Prasan was in charge and informed of the transitions we would take from place to place.

Even my last day where he assisted me at the airport and transported Rob to his next destination was impressive. Rob and I often discussed during our trip how privileged we were to have someone of Prasan’s status personally look after us so well.

Milan is a great asset to your team and programme with the wealth of knowledge and passion he has for his work and country. I thoroughly enjoyed his teachings and company. In reflection of our trip, it was Rob’s and I intention to leave a small monetary gift for Milan but unfortunately forgot. Could you please advise the best way or appropriate procedure for me to acknowledge Milan’s services.

Chandra and Tenjing were so amazing. Unfortunately I was not the fastest or fittest person to trek, haha, but Chandra managed to compose himself and demonstrated such grace, patience and support. Both Tenjing and Chandra offered 24hr/7day service, ensuring that our well-being was well cared for. We highly recommend them for other tourists.

Nepal has made a great impression on my heart and I believe it’s because at the end of the day people make the difference. This is truly a reflection again on the staff that I’m assuming you carefully hand pick. 

Thank you for a wonderful holiday.
All the best to you and your staff.

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