1    Waterproof Jacket and Pants both ventilated (pit zips, side zips, etc.)
1    Down jacket
1    Windproof Soft Shell jacket and pants for windy/cold days.
1    Fleece top and pants
2    Thermal tops
1-2    Thermal long johns depending on how much you feel the cold
4    Pairs of Coolmax Liner socks
2    Pairs of undies for cool/cold weather
2    Pairs of undies for warm/hot weather
2    Pair walking trousers
2    Loose fit trekking shirts with pockets
2    Lightweight synthetic T-shirts
1    Broad-brimmed sun hat
1    Warm hat and gloves
1    Polarizing sunnies with 100% UV protection
1    Buff or trekking Scarf


1    Pair waterproof walking boots that can take crampons
1    Pair sandals to let feet breathe in the evenings and for washing

2    Pair of Warm Weather walking socks (e.g. Bridge dale Light Hiker)
2    Pair of Cool Weather walking socks (e.g. Bridge dale Trekker)
1    Pair of Cold weather walking socks that can also be used as bed socks

General Gear
1    Sleeping Bag rated to -15 Celsius / 3 Fahrenheit
1    Sleeping sheet and pillow (you will be given a pillow if you prefer)
1    Inflating sleeping mat (you will be given a mat if you prefer)
1    45-ish liter pack for trekking
1    Pair of Trekking poles
1    Head torch and spare batteries
1    sunblock
1    lip balm with sunblock
1    Mozzie/fly repellant
1    toiletry bag with essentials (no hairdryers!!)
1    pack towel
1    Neck pillow for plane/bus trips if required
1    Camera with back-up batteries if needed
1    2 to 3 liters of water bottles or bladder system depends on how much you normally drink

Waterproof compression bags for storage in the tote bag
1    Reading material/diary spare pens
1    General repair kit
1    Tent for appropriate conditions
1    Tote Bag for the spare gear you do not carry
1    Pillow or stuff sack for clothing
1    Medical kit

Water purification tablet
Note: we provide a comprehensive group first aid kit however please  bring personal medications and other items you might use regularly such  as:
Any personal medications
Blister treatment- Compeed patches are the best
Multivitamins plus iron supplement
Analgesic- paracetamol, ibuprofen, and aspirin
Throat lozenges
Diamox (optional)- helps with acclimatization, can buy in Kathmandu

1    Chair kit for a sleeping mat
1    Shorts for bathing/swimming in rivers
1    Closed-cell foam mat
1    Sarong for bathing, around camp on hot days.

1    Anti-bacterial hand gel


Toothpaste, Toothbrush

Mini Towel

Toilet paper


Hard Wear

1 crampon for each group member

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