Tiger Tops Tharu Lodge

Tiger Tops Tharu Lodge is a wilderness eco-lodge located 4 km from the picturesque Chitwan National Park. The lodge comprises 12 rooms, each with en suite bathrooms built-in local style plus plenty of greenery. The lodge features the perfect combination of a tranquil and enchanting wilderness haven fused with local architecture.

Tiger Tops Tharu Lodge adopted environmentally responsible, eco-friendly and sustainable tourism policy. Following are some sustainable initiatives taken by Tiger Tops Tharu Lodge:

  • The lodge use solar power for hot showers in the en suite baths and provides power to the reading lamps and ceiling fans
  • The accommodation are built from sustainable building materials carried out by local craftsmen
  • Since the inception, Tiger Tops has practiced organic farming and cooking. The food comes from their organic garden whereas other ingredients are obtained from local farmers, ensuring meal healthy, organic and sustainable meals are served to guests.
  • Offers exceptional and comfortable insight into Nepalese village life where guests get opportunity to experience rural Nepalese life.
  • Various activities are organized during the stay such as exploring the surrounding villages and wildlife experience by foot or bullock cart, bird watching tour, boating, jungle walk.
  • Tiger Tops ensures that all operations minimize their adverse environmental and social effects
  • Every effort is made to lessen waste and adverse environmental impacts within the group´s daily operations by recycling and using responsible disposal systems.
  • To lower energy and pollutants, the lodge vehicles are well-maintained to emission control standards and use ox carts for transportation when possible.

Everest Summit Lodge

Everest Summit Lodge is affiliate with Travelife committed to sustainable tourism that run five high quality mountain lodges up in the Everest Region: Lukla, Monjo, Mende, Tashinga and Pangboche, Hattiban resort in Kathmandu and River Summit Lodge, Kuringtar.

The lodges incorporate elements of local art, architecture and use environmental friendly solar power solutions to make a great level of comfort and sustainable.

  • Social and environmental initiatives adopted by Everest Summit Lodge:
  • Operate the properties in a responsible way, that support the environment and local communities
  • Avoid firewood and use Gas or Solar powered hot water for showers
  • Use Euro guard water filter for drinking
  • Plastic water bottles are not sold  at any of Everest Lodges
  • Install energy-efficient light bulbs i.e Photo voltaic panels
  • Set up Green horticultural servicing with green house
  • Offering guest rooms with windows that open or are part of a fresh-air exchange system
  • give option to the guests of reusing the towel and sheets
  • Non-biodegradable litter brought back to Kathmandu
  •  Every Lodges have High Altitude Pressure bags for Emergency
  • Employ local men and women at lodges.
  • Much of the fresh produce are purchased from the local village that  help to support local community.

Tiger Mountain Lodge, Pokhara

Tiger Mountain Lodge nestled 1,000 feet above the Pokhara Valley with an almighty Himalayan backdrop. The lodge offers a seamless haven, the essence serenity. Tiger Mountain lodge is Travelife Gold certified and a member of Pack for a Purpose, an initiative that lets travelers to make an enduring impact in the destination community tourism with an integrity and are pioneers of responsible conservation tourism.Tiger Mountain Lodge attempt to lessen the negative impact on environmental, social, or corporate and support local communities’ through their initiatives and adopting best sustainable practices.

  • The lodge prepare varied ranges of Nepali and continental dishes cooked from local fresh ingredients and home-produced herbs and garden salads. 
  • They use metal water bottles for walks, picnics and in vehicles to reduce the use of plastic.

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