We offer tailored made trekking itinerary, designed to match our client’s unique trekking preferences and requirements, We carefully plan, attention to detail and design trek itinerary just the way you want and deliver all information required for client’s safety, comfort, and pleasure.

With the support and guidance of our trek specialist, you can co-create a trekking itinerary to suit your style, taste, physical fitness and activities you want to try, regions you want to explore.

How we work?

  • Preliminary consultation

After getting touch with Nepal Sanctuary Treks to design and organize trek, you will be ask some pre- trip query regarding your trekking profile, physical fitness, training, health conditions, trek duration and interests.

Our trek specialist offer you first-hand experience and recommendations in your preferred trekking destination, listen to ideas, talk to you about a sort of trekking perfectly fit for you and can identify the most significant aspects of trip for you.

We would be glad to consult you via phone, Skype, Whatsapp or email if you feel further discussion.

  • Draft proposed Itinerary

We will draft a proposed itinerary for your review based on the initial consultation and information. We will make amendment depending on your feedback.

  • Finalized Itinerary and Booking

After you have approved the proposed itinerary, we will arrange all bookings and finalize every detail.  Once it is confirmed, only minimal changes to the itinerary may be allowed to avoid delays in scheduling and arrangement the trip.

  • Send finalize itinerary

We send your tailored itinerary along with booking information via email.

Available Custom Tailor Made Trek

Nepal Homestay Tour: Culture and Spirituality

Nepal Homestay Tour: Culture and Spirituality

maximum-altitudep Altitude: 1,569 m
Easy & Enjoyable Difficulty: Easy & Enjoyable
Cardamom Circuit: Trek & Homestay in Nepal

Cardamom Circuit: Trek & Homestay in Nepal

maximum-altitudep Altitude: 1,590 m
Moderate & Inspiring Difficulty: Moderate & Inspiring

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