As the coronavirus is spreading continuously all over the countries. We have a heightened awareness at Nepal Sanctuary Treks of our responsibility to our staff, guests, and business associates during this time. All of us have a responsibility in preparing ourselves and our families for potential disruption. If we each do our part, we can help lower the risk for everyone. Minimizing the spread of the coronavirus is vital to keep our employees safe and sound at the workplace.
Last week, Nepal Sanctuary Treks conducted an awareness workshop on “Coronavirus –Symptoms, Prevention, and Hygiene” for our trekking crew and office employees.  In our next training session, we will be providing them with instructions to follow the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and WHO’s Basic protective measures and NHS Public Health England advice for COVID-19. Further, for reducing transmission, office employees have easy access to hand sanitizers and hand-washing facilities at the office.

Corona Virus (COVID-19)-Symptoms, Prevention and Precaution

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NTB has introduced a ‘Just in Case’ card with all the important numbers and email addresses for queries concerning COVID-19.

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