1. Best Quality

Reliable and Certified Sustainable Company

Nepal Sanctuary Treks has been operating for 20 years and our expert Tulsi Ram Gyawali possess more than 30 years of experiences in the field of tourism. The company is registered under Nepal Government (Registration number 9445/055/56) and associated with the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supply, Office of the Company Registrar and Nepal Tourism Board. The company received the Travelife Certified international recognition in excellence in Sustainability Tourism

Unique & Customized Treks

We handpick our accommodations and routes based on comfort, safety, and quality. We ensure that our client’s stay is comfortable and alluring with the very best quality of service.


Hand picked Accommodation

Every year we spend myriad hours visiting all the trekking regions and handpick local run teahouse lodges which support the families and local communities. These teahouse lodges also offer a better understanding of traditional cultures to clients who stay there.
Handpicked accommodation has been selected and inspected by an expert team based on comfort, safety, and quality. We ensure that our client’s stay is comfortable and alluring with the very best quality of service


Trained Guides

We work with 40 passionate guides who are well trained, know the trekking areas inside out and are fantastic storytellers.

Experienced operational and logistics team

We have 10 experienced teams to share a passion for creating the most inspiring experiences for every client through the blend of professionalism, knowledge, understanding, and most of all creativity and caring.


Nepal Sanctuary Treks owns fleet such as Cars, minibus and Toyota Hiace which are always up to date to function in an environment-friendly condition. We follow the legal emission standards of Nepal. Our company cars are checked every six months and a green sticker on the car window display last date of checking. Further, drivers are well experienced and are responsible for driving vehicle in a safe and professional way.

2. Personalized Eye For Detail


More Attention and Personal Touch

We provide our full attention to your safety and comfort. From planning the trek itinerary to providing the best hotels and lodges along the way. We assign the best staff, provide the best equipment and deliver outstanding service. We like to treat our clients as friends and make sure our clients get a very personal yet professional service.


Authentic Trekking Experience

We offer attractions that are less visited of high value and capture the true spirit of Nepal's unique mountains, nature and local people in a sustainable way.


Flexibility is our core competency. Each itinerary is bespoke and designed to match your any needs and preferences. We are constantly tweaking and adapting the itinerary until it feels completely right. And you want to change your plans enroute? No problem, we will adapt to their wishes and work together to fulfill your desires.


3. Highest Safety


Safe Itineraries

Our itineraries are carefully crafted considering your physical capacity, high altitude sickness management and other factors that cater towards safe experience for you.


Best Equipment

We use our own quality controlled premium quality equipment during our treks. Nepal Sanctuary Treks is regularly updating equipment and services and is one of the very few agencies to offer high-quality equipment on treks and expeditions above 4,500 meters, besides high-quality camping equipment for regular treks.

• Tents

We use the best North Face Summit Series V25 and Mountain Hardware tents for the tented accommodation in the Himalaya. These are durable domed tents designed for three people and offers great space for gear as well. This tent is engineered to withstand high-altitude camps’ harsh conditions.

• Dining/Kitchen/Toilet and Shower Tent

Besides tents for accommodation, we also take dining, kitchen, toilet and shower tents to make the trek more comfortable during the camping trek.

• Table/Chair
During camping trek, we take lightweight table and chairs.

• PAC – Portable Altitude Chamber

We take PAC on all treks above 4,500 meters to manage high altitude sickness (AMS, HACE, HAPE).

• Oximeter and Lake Louise monitoring

We carry the device in every trek to check heartbeats and the level of oxygen in the blood. It is indispensable in checking if there is any possibility for trekkers to suffer from altitude sickness. Guides use Lake Louise scoring sheet to check the altitude sickness status of every client.

• Satellite Phone

We send satellite phone to trekking crew to communicate with the office to update on every day’s trek situation and to update the concerned family right from the mountain.

• Extensive First Aid Kit

Our trekking crew are first aid trained and carry comprehensive medical kits on all treks.

Hygienic locally sourced food

We ensure the proper management of food, food handling and delivers hygienic food during camping and lodge trek. Every food prepared during camping trek is locally sourced.


Guarantee to operate

We guarantee that we will run a trek even for a solo trekker; at his or her own convenience.

4. Sustainability

Contribute to Sustainbility

Sustainability has always been an integral part of our company ethos and itineraries are designed with the local people, culture, and ecosystem in mind.
Under the special supervision of Travelife, we are working on sustainability and committed to boosting our business in a sustainable way through developing and implementing the sustainable policy to increase the positive impact of tourism on individual and local communities, whilst reducing adverse social, environmental and economic impacts.


Fair wages to Guides, Porters and other staff support

We work closely together with organizations like International Porter Protection Group (IPPG) that help us ensure the propoer treatment to all our hired porters, and guides fair.

Leaving the mountains without any trace-Environmental Porter

Dedicated Environmental Porter goes on each trek to make sure all the non-biodegradable items are returned to the city for proper disposal. During our treks, we also collect left garbage. We collect and dispose of hundreds of kilograms of garbage every season.

Waste Management

We strive to eliminate all sort of waste by following "4Rs" of sustainable living: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Wherever possible we use biodegradable and organic products at the office and on treks. We also improve waste management through waste segregation and partnering with local recycling companies.

Community Based Tourism

We foster a community-based approach to trekking through local tea-house-style accommodation, local porter, guide, locally-sourced resources, cultural exchanges, support for local service providers, women empowerment and an appreciation of nature. We let you discover local habitats, nature, and share their traditional meals, cultural activities, language, and values. while the communities benefit social and economic empowerment.