The Trishuli, a river of the Trident and of Shiva, is the best introduction to wonderful rafting (you can take a trip for) one to three days on the way to Chitwan National Park or to Pokhara.

The Sunkoshi, River of Gold is for the true white water enthusiast lasting 10 days, and the Tama Koshi, River of Copper.

The beautiful River, Kali Gandaki for 5 and 8 days is one of the best white water rafting in Nepal.

The Arun, The Marshyangdi, and the Seti for a perfect family expedition for two to three days, the Bheri, and the Karnali, fast-flowing and deep, sparkling clean water, strong rapids, an untouched and unspoiled river for 10 & 15 days.

Tumbling downwards from the mountains, all having their sources in the glaciers draining the slopes of one or other of the great peaks, these mighty and powerful rivers cut through the Nepali countryside, swift and turbulent sometimes, placid and calm at others, providing an exhilarating means of viewing and ever-changing scenery. Please write to us about a particular River of your interest.


TRISHULI: Class I to IV, One to six days.
The best introduction to wonderful rafting.
Fit for everyone: children, old and young.
Easily accessible.

SUNKOSHI: (River of the Gold): Class I to V+, Ten days.
No turning back till the end, One of the world’s ten best rafting rivers. For the true white water enthusiast. Easily accessible.

SETI: Class I to III, two to three days.
Only mid-September through mid-December. Technical rapids. A perfect family expedition for those who like their waters white and mild with a little less splash. Easily accessible.

KALI GANDAKI: Class I to III, three days to six days
You will shoot tame but exciting rapids, then relax while floating gently through scenic valleys and countryside.

KARNALI: (West Nepal): Class I to V+, Ten or fifteen days.
No turning back till the end. Fast flowing and deep, sparkling clean water, strong rapids, big water volume river. One of the world’s best rafting rivers. Great beaches and thick jungle, untouched and unspoiled area. True and challenging white water. Accessible by short trek after driving to Surkhet.

BHERI: Class I to IV, four days.
The best introduction to white water. An excellent river for the adventurous to thrill both intermediate and advanced paddlers.

Besides these, we will be pleased to offer any assistance in arranging white/scenic water rafting and kayaking trips on other fascinating rivers of Nepal such as Tambakosi, Marsyangdi, and other mighty rivers.

Class I. Relaxing-Waves so small you may not even get wet.
Class II. Easy does it-Clear passage and moderate waves.
Class III. Adventurous-Lots of water slides. Like waves and eddies, rapids with clear passage. Good family adventures!
Class IV. Thrilling-Long rapids, powerful waves with a big hole.
Class V. Awesome-Long exciting rapids, big technical drops, and steep gradient.
Class VI. Don’t Try It- This is a novel alternative to jumping off the high bridge.

List of Items required for rafting. 

  1. At least two extra sets of dry clothes. As it is cold from November through February, a waterproof jacket will be very handy. While trousers, pullovers, or jackets are needed for the morning and evening, during the day, shorts and T-shirts will suffice for the month of September, October, March, April, and May. As clients will arrive completely soaked onshore at the campsites, immediate change into a dry set of clothing is necessary. Tracksuits are the most popular item for any rafters.
  2. The second pair of tennis shoes or slippers for use around the camp.
  3. Protection from the sun such as sunglasses, sun hats, cream, and lotions to prevent sunburn and insect repellant during the warmer months.
  4. Electric torchlights and the use of candles are not advisable inside the tents.
  5. Traveller’s Insurance 

Please do not carry unnecessary valuables. “The tariff does not cover insurance of any kind: medical or personal, though explicit care and attention will be rendered at all times. Nepal Sanctuary Treks is not responsible for any happenings beyond our control since some element of risk is involved in the nature of your trip.”

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