Trek Overview

Start off to the Pilot Baba Ashram for an Enthralling Hike

The trail from Suryabinayak Mandir to Pilot Baba Ashram is mesmerizing. The route covers from city to countryside in the hills rising behind Surayabanayak temple. The start point is a 10-minute hike from Suryabinayak bus stop on the Bhaktapur road. If you wish then you can visit Suryabinayak temple after a hike.

After a short section of road climb into the jungle on a possibly slippery track. The trail was scattered with babbling brooks, a range of trees and bushes i.e rhododendron, needle wood. Whilst hiking, you will see villager’s busy gathering fodder and goats grazing in the jungle. The trail ends with you climbing sharply to connect road. Follow the road for 6 km to a popular picnic spot. You can see Pilot Baba temple which you are about to climb. After walking for almost an hour, we reached the entrance of the ashram, which is situated on a hillock. From its top, you can grasp a stunning view of the hills surrounding Kathmandu Valley and the Suryabinayak jungle. There is a slow steady climb on a trail to the temple. After a five-minute walk from Pilot Baba ashram’s entrance, we arrive at Suryabinayak Temple. The fee is included at a checkpoint inside the temple which is collected his fee is collected for maintaining the temple and its area by the management committee. In the entrance of the temple, you can see local vendors been waiting for the arrival of hikers with snacks and locally grown fruits and vegetables.

After the temple, follow the trail to the right uphill. It soon connects the edge with much building work. Continue on the road to the end of the ridge and right turn downhill. Enjoy the mesmerizing views from there. Keep left at a junction to climb steeply up to small houses. Pass the yellow house and be caution on a narrow track. After a short time, you connect a small road which continues down into the village. Look for a turn to the left off the main trail on to the old trail. Stay on small trails through fields.

Continue into a small river and climb out after a cow on to the fields. Reach the road and decline just 10 or 20 m before a stiff climb which will feel hard after so much downhill hike. Follow the red mud road before it descends the old pilot Baba trail to the bottom of the valley.

From here it is going to be some fast and flat hiking on trails and jeep track after a short uphill from the junction. After passing the army camp, it’s only 100m to the road. At the Y junction, follow left to the finish.

Fast Facts

HIKE ROUTE: Suryabinayak Ganesh Mandir > Pilot Baba Ashram
HIKE TYPE: Private trail hike
HIKE DAYS: Every Saturday (Fixed departure)
LANGUAGE: English, Nepali

Most Common FAQs

  1. 1 . FAQ about Hike

    Do you cancel tours?

    We do cancellation of tour only if there is a political close announcement or protests. We do not cancel our tours if it rains or snows. We might consider cancellations if we expect a heavy thunderstorms or downpour. However, we will notify you in advance via email or by phone.

    What should I wear?

    Normal hiking shoes with more traction to tackle the difficult downhill slopes of the valley is good for hiking.

    A T-shirt and a pair of shorts or tights are enough during summers. In addition please bring your sunglasses and sunscreen to avoid from sunburn.

    During winter, we recommend our clients to wear an extra layer besides to what they would normally wear.

    Is there water available on Hike?

    We will carry our own bottles and fill up them. We advise that you carry your own water bottle to avoid purchasing plastic bottles. However there will be small tea houses on some locations of the trails selling mineral water bottles.

    Is it possible to store belongings at the place we start?

     Our pick up van will have the bag storage. However, we recommend you to take care of your belongings and not to store any valuable items in the bag storage.

    Is it possible to take photos along the way?

     Yes, you can bring your camera to take the pictures. The hike guide will also take pictures along the trails. You can ask your guide if there is a definite place you would like to take picture. Later the pictures captured by our guide will be sent to you via email.


    Do you have pick up service?

    We offer for our private tours an optional hotel pick-up service. The hotel or apartment building should be on or close to the tour route. Please let us know your complete hotel or apartment address during the tour reservation process and we will check if we can meet you at your hotel/apartment.

    What is booking and payment procedure?

    All tours are booked and paid for through our online booking system on our website or you could pay at the local registration places mentioned on the guide.

    How long does the hike take?

    It depends on the length of the hike (how many kilometres / miles) you choose. This information is available in the tour description.

    Is there any age limit for the hike?

     It is the responsibility of you as a participant to ensure that you are fit enough to participate in the tour. Children under the age of 18 are the responsibility of their parents or guardians.

    In what language the hike be?

    Tour will be guided in English and Nepali.