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Panauti Heritage Walk with a homestay tour is an ideal way to explore diverse eco-system in an authentic way and experience communities with their mystical lifestyle and culture. This extended homestay program offers you to stay with host families in one of the prettiest Panauti Village. You will get the opportunity to interact with locals and understand their traditions and lifestyle. While you stay with host families, you can engage in various activities like a festival celebration with the host during the festive season and seasonal activities like harvesting and planting.  In addition, you get to stay with the local families and partake in their everyday life. Such kind of genuine authenticity is the highlight of our community homestay tour.


  1. Day 1: Drive from Kathmandu to classical medieval village 2 hours approx.

    After a hearty breakfast, we take a scenic drive to Panauti, situated 32 km Southeast of the capital Kathmandu. Along the way, you can see fields in every direction, and the views look amazing when they’re filled with vegetables. Almost all the houses in Panauti remains as their original with a lot of arts on wood carvings on doors, windows, and smiling local people. You will be indeed happy by visiting Panauti.

    Once you reach Panauti, you will be welcomed by the host with garland and vermilion with a great smile followed by a briefing. Then you will be taken to host family home for the authentic local experience. After a typical Nepali lunch with the host family, get ready for a wonderful tour of the town. Witness the finest arts and culture with a brief tour of the old part of the town which preserves and depicts Panauti’s history.

    You will be visiting community museum and walking along the narrow cobbled alleyways, beautifully carved windows, struts, and doors and Newari lifestyles that will leave you mesmerized. Strolling through the old city you can see chickens in windows, trying to soak up the sun, herds of ducks that walk themselves home before the sun sets.

    One of the more stunning temples (a classic example of Newari craftsmanship) is the three-tiered Indreshowr Mahadev Temple, which stands in the center of a huge brick-paved courtyard. Its decoratively carved wooden windows, doors, struts, and beams are evidence to the skills of the valley’s Newari artisans, and these are also very much marked in the other temples situated in the same courtyard, that is, Unmata Bhairav, Krishna, and Ahilya Temples. Across the Punyamati River are still more temples, two of which, Brahmayani and Krishna Narayan, are specifically significant.  In every 12 years, there happens Fair (Mela) in the temple and the devotees from almost every part come here. They take a holy bath in the river, which flows in between the temple.

    Additionally, Panauti has added the charm of being bounded by many lush paddy fields. Panauti is also well-known for its 40 temples and 28 festivals. Affluent in Newari culture, numerous of the town’s festivals are similar to those of Kathmandu whereas some are exceptional with a completely local character.

    If you are visiting during May-June the village life comes together for the plantation season and also the magnificent Panauti Jatra. Likewise, during the month of July/August, the entire village erupts in post-plantation festivities. It is one of the best times to interact with the people and get a sneak peek into their lives.

    In the evening, try out cooking some Nepali recipes during the cooking class at your host’s kitchen.

    Note: You can extend an extra day by adding day hike to Sanga or Namobuddha.

  2. Day 2: Drive back to Kathmandu 2 hours’ drive approx.

    You will be starting your day with a typical Nepali breakfast prepared by the host. After breakfast, you will bid farewell by the host family. Then, we will drive back to Kathmandu.

  3. Day 3: Departure

    It is time to fly back to home keeping all the terrifying experiences of Nepal in mind.

    The representative from Nepal Sanctuary Treks will transfer you to TIA airport where you should check-in 3 hours prior to your scheduled flight.

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