Greetings from Nepal Sanctuary Treks!

We warmly welcome to Nepal Sanctuary Treks Nepal. We would like to introduce as one of the reputed trekking companies in Nepal. Nepal Sanctuary Treks was established on 19 November, 1998 managed and operated by experienced professional Mr. Tulsi Gyawali who has 30 years of experience in the field of trekking and continually making an effort to promote responsible travel. We have group of dedicated and experienced trekking mountaineering / Expeditions trekking guides and trek leaders who are committed towards delivering qualitative and sustainable services to our client and concern on environmental conservation and cultural diversity.

Specifically, Nepal Sanctuary Trek runs trekking activities in different region of Nepal. Besides, we also organize School Trek, Mountain Flight, Hiking, Jungle Safari, Heli tours, Bird watching, Mountain biking, and Water rafting.

We are committed to offer tailored made trekking itinerary, designed to match our client’s unique trekking preferences and requirements, We carefully plan, attention to detail and design trek itinerary just the way you want and deliver all information required for client’s safety, comfort, and pleasure. With the support and guidance of our experienced trek professional, you can co-create a trekking itinerary to suit your style, taste, physical abilities, activities you want to try, regions you want to explore. Our trek specialist offer you first-hand experience and recommendations in your preferred trekking destination, listen to clients ideas ,talk to you about a sort of trekking perfectly fit for you and can identify the most significant aspects of trip for you.

Primarily, our clients are solo travelers (male and female), small groups or family for whom we set up bespoke trekking itineraries to meet their personal needs Nevertheless, we occasionally handle larger groups especially charity groups, incentive groups and school parties with special interest in the Nepal Himalaya.

Nepal Sanctuary Treks is striving to promote responsible tourism, green travel and sustainable growth of the country and preservation of local culture and traditions. We encourage our prospective and current clients to support and involve in environmental initiatives during their trip. As always, we continue to place an important concern on the constant improvement of our services in order to keep up the utmost level of client satisfaction.   Our aim is to support a sustainable society and sustainable trade.

Nepal Sanctuary Trek’s Core values

  • Green and Responsible Travel
  • Quality Service
  • Client’s Satisfaction
  • Well-designed bespoke itinerary
  • Client’s Safety


Our Philosophy is to provide truly unique trekking experience at the most exotic places of Nepal and enable our client to connect with “real” Nepal. We tailor every detail of your itinerary to your wishes and make your trekking experience truly blissful.

Since we practice Responsible travel and initiatives which is at the heart of every tailor made itinerary we offer as a crucial and long held philosophy. Besides, we believe in supporting local communities as we accommodate our clients in best lodges  run by locals.

In the meantime, our experienced guides put the best effort to enhance our service through minimize the risks, take good care of clients and supply high quality equipment on every trekking trip


 Our vision is to be Eco-friendly trekking company committed to offer safety, quality service, and well-designed bespoke itinerary, create more sustainability awareness among our guests and minimize negative effects on the natural and social environment through implementation of sustainable practice.


  • INITIATIVES to collect the non biodegradable litter of travel destination with the effort of our team and encourage our clients for cooperation. We provide tong and gloves to our interested clients to pick up the litter. In addition, all trekking staffs bring back one bag of garbage collected on the trail.
  • INSPIRE our client with a unique responsible travel experience that will leave positive influence and footprint in the destination they travel.
  •  IMPLEMENT 4 R policies: Reduce, Recycle, Reuse and Refuse to minimize negative impact on environment. i.e.: reducing the use of plastic bottles and bags, reuse of printed guide books, paper either dispose them at appropriate recycle bin or leave it to our trek guide for future guests before going home., refuse any activities that might hamper environment, recycle biodegradable and non-biodegradable products that was collected during trek and pick the garbage along the trail and dispose at designated area.
  • To make DIFFERENCE by raising environmental awareness and contributing to various CSR projects in needs.
  • ENHANCE local communities and sustainable purchase by buying locally produced products for trekking in a bulk from locals.
  •  “TREKKING FOR A CAUSE” as when trekkers trekking with a purpose, even one short trek can make a difference. You can create a difference in the local community through contribution in various forms. i.e volunteering activities, starting from something as simple as dropping off stationery to schools, donate in charitable organization.
  •  PROMOTE sustainable accommodation by ensuring whether lodge practices sustainability or not. For instance: cooking with kerosene or bio gas instead of firewood. We accommodate our client in Eco-friendly lodges and support lodges operated, owned by local inhabitants.
  •  CONDUCT training to our trek guide, crew members and porter on safety measures, hygiene, aware on importance sustainability and environmental conservation.