Stay with locals, learn culture, share authentic experiences, and create a difference through your involvement.

Community based trek is one of the finest mode to discover insight Nepal, mystical mountain, shrine, local people and their culture and tradition. This trek allows client/trekkers to engage directly with Nepalese community by living, learning and sharing with host as a family member. The client will be treated as a guest rather than tourist. The significant involvement with community lead purposeful trip that helps to contribute to local people on the other hand trekkers will experience blissful stay and enlighten experience.

Since direct interaction and active involvement with community people, the client will get authentic, educational and valuable experiences by creating opportunities for them to interact with locals in spontaneous manner.  Likewise, community based trek create healthy interaction opportunities for client and locals and increase better understanding of different cultures, customs, lifestyles, traditional knowledge and believes.

Nepal Sanctuary Treks is striving to offer client unique and authentic experience and enable to make trek purposeful by:

Giving back to Local communities

Visiting and staying with locals, trekking in Himalayas and staying in community based home stay or tea house lodge is ultimate way to trek with purpose. Since trekkers/client contribute and give back to the local people that help to support grassroots establishments and create wider benefits for communities in the areas we trek and can create a difference in the local community through contribution in various forms. I.e. volunteering activities, starting from something as simple as dropping off stationery to schools, donate in charitable organization; engage in teaching at school, house construction, cleaning and other social development projects.

Uplift Nepalese communities

Wherever possible Nepal Sanctuary Treks use community based home stay operated by the communities or family. We do our best to engage the local community so that they maintain their authentic tradition and culture and can make income from their own homes from their rich and diverse culture and tradition. While the amount that client paid for the service is circulated within the local communities immensely support to improve their livelihood and economic condition.

Safety and Comfort

Wherever feasible, we ensure to provide you enlighten experience, with reminiscences that’ll stay with you eternally. In this consideration, Nepal Sanctuary Treks committed to provide safety and hygiene along with comfort and security to our client. We select home stay for our client that is register at the Local Home stay Management Committee.

Live locally

Wherever feasible, Nepal Sanctuary Treks use small, family-run establishments’ home stay or community based lodging owned and operated by locals where client stay as guests of host families. Whilst, in particular more basic, home stays and local run tea house provide valuable insight into the local lifestyle and enjoy organic freshly homemade traditional cuisine. The host families can accommodate client’s specific dietary requirements where you can inform us while booking the trip.

Positive impact of home stay in community and people:

  • Homestay program help to empower women of the community. 


  • The women and children get opportunity to learn English and skills that help to build the confidence level as they get the exposure and home stay provide window to see the outer world.


  • Awareness in maintaining hygienic and sanitation that help client to provide safety and hygiene along with comfort and security.


  • Home stay program let the women to become breadwinner to support their children and families; whilst earn respect as income-earners in the society. 


  • On a community level, home stay supports the value of safeguarding culture and keeping their community services in good working condition.
  • On a community level, local people get opportunity to understand and learn about outer world since they can interact and provide warm hospitality to the people all around the globe. In addition, local people can learn the culture, lifestyle and foreign language


  • The money spent by client is circulated within the local communities that immensely support to improve their livelihood and economic condition.

Get seamless and unique home stay experience:

1.    Personalized Service

Many home stay families are well adjusted to the hosting experienced. Home stay offers a ample of personalized attention and interaction between the host and guest. The client will feel homely environment with warm hospitality and care. Despite, staying with Nepalese family is the simplest means of finding out about Nepalese culture and their lifestyle. While they may offer a homely atmosphere, they’re not really homes.

2.    Homemade cooking

There is a vast difference between the Nepalese food served in restaurant, hotels and the food prepared in Nepalese home. Local home cooking is a doorway into genuine cuisine. Home stay will offer guest to taste bona fide food varieties. Host will prepare traditional meal and diverse range of ethnic food. Guests are even invited into their kitchen to watch the food being prepared and can take part in the cooking process.

3.     Deeper insight of local Knowledge

Local people possess the wealth of information about their local area and local customs. Such local knowledge is tremendously useful in receiving the most from visit. Hosts are pleased and happy to explain their guests around their local area, providing them with valuable insights that basically aren’t obtainable from a guide book.

  1. Matchless Activities

Guests will get opportunity to experience and participate in various distinct activities. These activities will differ depending on location. Guest will learn firsthand experience about the local culture, tradition, language and their daily activities.

Exploring a village, watching herding domestic animals, weaving yarn, making pottery, village visits, cycling around village, canoeing, cultural tours, jungle walk, milking cow, harvesting, planting, collecting vegetables and fruits from garden are some unique activities that guest can engage. Even hosts invite guest to attend wedding ceremony as well.

  1. Observing festivals

Homestay is the best way to gain profound insights and understanding of what the festival is about, as well as get opportunity to take part in the rituals related with it. Guests can partake together with host families in celebrating different festivals during festive season. So, staying at a home stay is all about immersing yourself into culture.


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